Unusual large towers in Le Havre, France

What are these large towers in Le Havre, France? I flew over 1000ft to fly over the top, so assuming these are scenery glitches?

Didn’t see those when I was there yesterday and this morning.

@DatedKitten8840 did you 1) download/“buy” the new stuff from Market Place and 2) did you clear and remove your rolling cache ?

  1. yes, bought the update in the marketplace and downloaded, but 2) I didn’t try clearing/removing rolling cache, I’ll give that a go later. Thanks!

Also clean out your Community scenery before starting the game… get everything out with older dates…

I went by again today and found your towers. Turns out its the photogrammetry effort to represent the coal power plant there. https://goo.gl/maps/1WDJx1C11zcqD8YV8

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There’s a few more of these rendered in the same style, also approx 1000ft high, West of Rotterdam in the port area

Those are chimneys that were marked in OpenStreetMap as buildings. Asobo doesn’t take into account tags like man_made which would tell them it’s a chimney, not a building.

Now a shameless plug :wink: Just a few days ago I’ve released a mod that should fix these chimneys and place thousands more around Europe.

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