Unusual startup view.......need help

Haven’t flown in like a week, came back and did the latest update and now when I start MSFS the view below comes up. It use to show the instruments in front of me. I’ve tried to change it but so far unsuccessful, anyone have any idea how to get it back to default. The only thing I’ve changed is the latest update and I did add the Bravo throttle quadrant. Driving me crazy, please help! Thanks

Use TrackIR? :S

Yeah, if you use TrackIR or likely, some other webcam head tracker, this can happen. I was using one of the free webcam alternatives, and it was giving me all kinds of oddball views after the last update. I had to uninstall it completely to get my views back.

I’m not using any webcam head tracker or Track IR :frowning:

The only time I’ve seen that is when using free head tracking. But if you’re not then it’s something else. As to what though, I have no idea…

Is this happening with all planes?

I just tested it and it’s only happening with the Longitutude. I deleted it and reinstalled but same problem. You can use the arrow keys and get to the instruments, it’s just a pain in the butt though. Hopefully I’m not only one having the problem and they fix it. Thanks guys!

You could try hitting the Insert button. It kind of looks like a drone view, and the Insert button would toggle the view back to cockpit. I can’t imagine how a flight would start with this view, but it’s worth a shot.

Have you tried the right arrow key to move the view point to the right?
Just a thought…

Try to go to your options, and camera settings. Restore everything back to default. And in the flight, open your camera options from the top menu, and reset everything back to default as well.