Up to date tutorial

Does anyone have an up to date simple airport tutorial? Thanks!

Nothing has changed. Its all the same how it was last year. All tutorials are still valid, i followed them and everything worked as shown. The rest comes from FSDeveloper forum and here.

Oh really? Please send a link to a video because none of them work.

Here’s a couple of my favorite YouTube airport scenery authors, both having simple starter videos as well as more sophisticated stuff like blender. Stuff is still valid, but maybe a few more data fields have been added in the project editor that are newer than the videos.

Both outdated, please link ones that are working. I can’t follow the first 2 minutes of episode 1 since it was a whole different UI on both people.

I highly recommend getting Airport Design Editor. Personally, I use it to extract the stock airports and it automatically creates the project for me, and then I edit it in the standard MSFS Editor. It saves me a TON of time.


I would love a tutorial :slight_smile:

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Guys, that are the very same tutorials I’ve used to build my project found here

There are no videos showing the new UI.

I don’t know why, but nothing works anymore. Wanted to create an airport with custom objects and since the update, the folder structure seems to be different. So i guess these tutorials are outdated. Any suggestions?

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I can’t even start my project.