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There is a bug logged on the dev forum regarding high loading times with large area sceneries (Lakes added over large area result in high load time and terrain issues). This has been an issue since at least su14, maybe even 13. I did not see this in the changelog of su15. Has this been adressed or is this being worked on?

Can a comment on this be made in next week’s dev stream?

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Can you point to the specific bug thread you are referring to? Thanks!

Could be this one:

Yes of course, was about to do so but @CD0139 beat me to it. It’s exactly that one. Looking forward to hearing more about it! Thanks!

looks awfully like the issue encountered on okovango delta which couldnt be fixed

Correct, really want to fly there again with that scenery (simworks studios), but I’ve got no idea if that bug is fixed or not. I didn’t read about it in the changelog for su15, hence the question

well okovango still doesnt work after su15

The question then remains, when will this be adressed? Really hoping to get to know more on this on the stream next week

the prop lever from twin engines dont move synchron with the command “prop decrease or increase” .
PLZ asobo look into it. This bug is very old and makes flying twin Propeller engines a pain in the ■■■

The Dev Q&A is next week? Before the XBox show? Well that is less than ideal. This will be another Dev Q&A in which discussion of FS2024 will be refused to be talked about, because they won’t want to spoil the announcement on the 9th. That only allows July, August, September, and October that we will be able to get any information before release. And having discussions about plans for fixes etc for MSFS 2020 is kind of frustrating, because nothing that can be implemented will happen before Q1 of 2025. That leaves us where we can’t talk about what we want to talk about, talking about what we will be have a tortuous wait for release (because even in Q1, there will be a beta, and who knows how long that beta will go before release. I wouldnt expect with a beta that it would release before March or April, which is 8-9 months from now). This Q&A would be a lot better if it was scheduled after the July 9th show and announcement.

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maybe, now is the time to DIGEST what we have with 2020, and start having some “Technical SDK Q&A” stream, to help evaluate what we have and how to both USE it, and hopefully improve it in 2024, before its too late & the 2024 design is “set in stone” in some less that optimum form.

Possibly, yes, but that would be geared more towards 3rd party developers, not the general consumers. I’m going to go to FS2024 when it comes out. Yes, there may be bugs but I will deal with them, just like I did with 2020. So I will never see the changes to 2020 that will be discussed next week, as they wont be until 9 months at the earliest. I would like to know what to expect, and what I can prepare for with 2024. But next week we won’t be able to discuss that. So from a consumer point of view, next weeks stream seems kind of pointless for me to watch.

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Exactly – they did ONE over a year ago, and for Devs, it was far far far more informative, that the Sales SpIn that is so much of the normal Q&A streams.

Having a knowledgeable Asobo developer actually ANSWER those difficult, “elephant in the room” technical questions, was “Refreshing”

Getting to know more about FS2024 is something that is on everybody’s list I suppose and whilst I agree that there is relatively little know about 2024 and that the next SU for 2020 is far away, there isn’t much we can do about that. They will tell us whenever they decide. I can’t imagine it’ll be a lot longer, now that we are in the second half of 2024. In the meantime, I would like some information on FS2020 fixes, since I’ll probably stay on it for another few months and at least one more SU is planned. For that reason, I asked the question I started this topic with.

Let hope we both get some question answered this wednesday that we’re hoping for!

I will also stay on 2020 until November, obviously. Its just the beta for SU16 won’t start until the end of January. Beta’s recently take about 2-3 months. So the first we will see SU16 possibly will be March or April 2025. I will at that point have been on 2024 for 5 months. I get that there will be people who will still be on 2020, so this information will be good for them. But we have reached the point where the meaningfulness of the Q&A sessions is being split. The only things that will matter to me is what the next World Update will be (and many are presuming it will be Brazil). Questions and plans for 2020 aren’t really going to be of relevance for me and many people at this point. They will still need to keep those on 2020 updated, still need to reach out to the community. Its just that we have reached the point I guess where Dev Q&A sessions will need to be divided into 2020 and 2024. I’m going to be transferring to the new version in 5 months. Fixes and changes that will appear in 2020 but released in 9 months have no relevance to me at this point. And I’m not meaning that disrespectfully. I can respect XPlane 12. And I know they are making changes. But I have no investment since I do use the sim. Unfortunately, any changes made to 2020 at this point, I just don’t have any investment in, but those who will stay with 2020 do, and deserve their their process.

I guess this isn’t so much a complaint as it is a notice. Viewership for the Q&A sessions for 2020 are going to drop. That shouldn’t be seen as a loss of interest in the franchise. Its just that the transition process has started for many consumers.

No disrespect at all. No worries! I completely understand the point that you’re making. I think the last phrase of your first paragraph and the second paragraph sums it up pretty much.

One thing tho, you seem pretty confident in knowing roughly when 2024 will release. Has a date been announced? Haven’t really followed 2024 new alot.

There have been leaks with the preparations from the shows, and I am sure other departments in Microsoft getting involved. We will see for ourselves in 7 days, but the end of the trailer at XBox Showcase is supposed to end with a slide that has the release date on it.

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Did you ever get any information on this Jayne?

Hi @ErikAviation,
I do not recall this being discussed during the June Dev Stream. You can see the timeline & overview of what was discussed here:

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