Upcoming Replay Function

A forum moderator will probably move this thread, but I’m curious if any “beta” testers have had a chance to play with the “replay” function that is announced for SU-7? If so, what is it like to use? Does it affect FPS? How does it compare to the “Flight Control Replay” (FCR) addon?

I like to create “cinemas” in MSFS, and of course one can’t “produce” very well while flying (especially aerobatics). I own FCR and find it cumbersome to use. I’m hoping the built-in replay will provide a practical solution for creating the flight on the first pass, and then “producing” the flight on the second pass. Replay of course is in lieu of multiple windows where all of the production can be made pretty much in one pass.

Thanks for whatever “preview” anyone can provide.

Currently SU7/Game of the Year (GOTY) Preview is under NDA, hence any replies are either conjecture or outright violations of the Non-Disclosure. Neither one is in compliance with the Code of Conduct or terms of agreement.

Please await the official Conversation Thread which will be posted shortly after SU7/GOTY launches next week. Thanks.