UPD: All working fine now! Checking for updates from 2021-09-12 8PM UTC

Sim runing fine until 8PM UTC.

Now stuck on checking for updates. No new mods installed or any changes.
Is it just me or does anyone else have it?


Same here… servers must be down?

Same here, Germany

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Don’t you remember the link to the status of the XBox services?

Yup, same here. It is so good to know that at least I’m not alone, or it was something I did playing last night. Thank you

Xbox Status | Xbox Support

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Have the same problem

Same here in USA (steam version)… Stuck at “Checking for update” screen… :frowning:

edit: it is loading fine now…

edit: but it’s not reaching the main menu yet… still stuck at blue loading bar at around 90%…

Slow but after 2 minutes game starts

Same here in Netherlands

No it worked after 25min searching fo updates :joy:

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Same here right now in Canada.

Anything found to update? = D

Same here in Florida. Was working great before and after recent update except last night the TBM-930 became completely uncontrollable. That is the only plane I fly. I love landing on the short runways in the mountains whiles its almost as fast as a jet. Turned the sim on to see if the plane fixed itself and it is “still looking for updates”. I noticed xbox had an update so I down loaded that but did not help.

The marketplace is greyed out
So they have some problems

Of course not :joy:

Status page tell al is fine:


These are the statuses of Xbox game services not FS servers.
If you click main menu after a flight… 2 minutes to go back…
Can’t connect to marketplace/updates service

same here – East Coast USA

There should be a Status page for checking that these servers are up and operational.

MSFS is not the ideal "server down test !!

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Then it is logical to ask Asobo, where is the status of FS services?

Yes, and server selection told me what i’m offline