UPD: All working fine now! Checking for updates from 2021-09-12 8PM UTC

Same here :frowning:

Brazil,Same here!!!

Same here. USA south!

Same here in Sweden

Looks like the same here in the UK…

Servers must be down… same here in the Eastern USA

Same in France

I was getting the same thing (US upper Midwest/Great Lakes); it just got to the loading bar finally.

We’ll see how it goes.

had the same problem, but is working now (germany)

Well judging by everyone… we are all over the map and it’s affecting everyone


Affecting me too? USA - NYC

Philly… howdy neighbor!

seems to be back online again at about 1700 hrs Eastern USA
A few minutes ago …

The marketplace is back online

Yep… back online in Philadelphia

Working again here (UK)

Seem’s all fine.

Well this thread was a whirlwind tour of emotion :slight_smile:

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No any emotion, just checkings worldwide situation