[UPDATE 1.1.0] FlyingIron P-38L Lightning

hmm it´s suppost to be spoiler afterall. Need to recheck :slight_smile:

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At takeoff the P-38 is nose-heavy and you have to haul it off the runway, but I’ve found the P-38 to nose-up above cruise speed and typically I have to roll the wheel down a quarter turn to trim it out.

When the plane goes into a compressibility stall while diving, the trim wheel moves on its own into the full down position. When and if you pull out of the dive you have to roll the trim wheel all the way up again.

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i guess if use anti-dive brake trim go up itself. btw i don’t sure it is not right because trims could be interactive with airflow at that speed. same general control surface(they are for sure)… ah. no. just thinking about it, if trims go interactive with flow they will go down physically so make elevator goes up:)… any way you can use air brake it was created for out from dive

Honestly, I think the fact the elevator trim goes all the way down in a compressibility dive is the sim’s way of simulating the compressibility. You cannot simply deploy the dive flaps late in the dive to get out of the danger. You need to deploy the dive flaps before the dive, or very early on. The trim change is there to punish you if you deploy the dive flaps too late, as this shouldn’t save you that easily.

Keep in mind that the dive flaps are there to prevent you from locking up and were not designed as a remedy if you get caught up in a compressibility stall.

i think after deep dive with negative aoa start grows, you can deploy but that’s will in the wing shadow for the air flow, and just will not help, but so far you have airflow under wing you can deploy them and they should help, this stuff give big climb momentum so i don’t think you can use it before dive. but must be have to use about in time or can be too late and p-38 will go to reverse loop or in the ground depend of alt

I had some trouble with ap mapping. For some reason ap is always on by default in a setting that affect the nose trim wheel only it appears. I managed to finally battle my key mappings to be able to completely get rid of the ap. But it´s still wonky if I switch to ap mode that enables the ap again for some reason? Some planes don´t have trim wheels then it´s hard to see by visual inspection what is happening if hud is not allowed.

Anyway flies better then ever and lovely noise. Was using it instead of a 310r and wondered who on earth would fly a 310r instead but then the engine(s) stalled simultaneously with no warning despite not going full throttle. Will require a bit more to keep this bird flying is there really no warning for when the engines start to overheat to look out for :slight_smile:

You are playing around with the tablet to activate autopilot, right?

If you have the Dynamic Engine Stress turned on in the tablet, the reason your engines cut out may have to do with fuel pressure. You should turn on the Booster Pumps, and then you have to turn the pump from Normal to Emergency speed whenever flying above 10,000 feet (you also need the Booster Pumps turned on and at Emergency when flying on the Outer Wing fuel tanks).

It was the default ap that acts up. I don´t have dynamic stress activated. I was on low altitude but yes continous cruise is just 44 and 2600 and I was probably well above that so the default engine stress in FS kicked in probably. But I saw no smoke :slight_smile:

Think I got most things covered now. As for mixture is there no manual control there? I am stuck on full mixture. If I turn everything off I can move the mixture handles. I probably have boost pumps to emergency. If I put this to normal will it switch to auto lean or let me control the mixtures myself? I don´t have the assistance for mixture activated and I checked the bindings I have only the mixture mapped on two axis on my bravo throttle so shouldn´t be any interference.

Restart of the flight simulator did fix my mixture settings. I died today. Wanted to try some high altitude performance. Went up to 12000 feet then I thought I did a modest descent onto the airport but soon found I was totally stuck with non responsive elevator 400 mph downward into the ocean lol. Way to late put on the dive spoilers :slight_smile:

Anyone else have trouble feathering the prop? Perhaps it’s broken from the modern prop physics? In any case, the feather light doesn’t come on when an engine loses power. If I bring the engine to idle, then mixture cut-off (which is when the light should come on), then flip the feather switch on; the prop control automatically goes to low rpm. The prop blades do seem to feather but the propeller still spins at 82.5RPM. I’ve also turned the magnetos off for good measure and fuel pump for that engine. In fact the engine in that situation still changes manifold pressure in response to throttle position–up to 50 inches. (Ha). I’ve seen a video of someone demonstrating feathering when this plane was first released (prior to the new prop physics)… anyone else have this issue or have I screwed up my copy of the P-38L somehow?

side wind?

Flipping the feather switch will feather the prop even if the engine is still producing power (I’ve feathered both props with the engines turning and found you get zero thrust).

You want to feather the prop for drag reduction in case of engine failure at takeoff, so hitting the feather switch is Step #1 in an emergency shutdown, then down goes the mixture, fuel and mags.

And yes, for some reason the props in the sim do not stop windmilling like they should. I might count that as a blessing, because the sim plane does not model auxiliary hydraulic power (namely, the hand pump down by the right side of the seat) and so long as the dead engines are windmilling you’ll have hydraulics for flap and gear actuation (I notice there is a finite amount of hydraulic pressure available to pull up the flaps should you forget to raise them after landing and shutdown).

Seems like most of my left engine controls are moving in the cockpit. Magneto knob, fuel pump switch, mixture, prop and throttle for left engine are all locked, visually at least.
But they are working. Was able to start and fly the plane.

Figured something out. Seems to be a problem with the pink Yippee! livery. Worked fine in the other 2 I tried.

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It can handle GPS routes. Probably it could do ILS but I do not use ILS with warbirds so can’t say for sure. In tablet there is only HDG and ALT hold IIRC but I’m using Honeycomb switches/Keyboard bind/Companion app for NAV.


So the Nav capacity is there, just no button on the tablet to activate it. Is that right?
I’m not game savy enough to understand “Honeycomb switches/Keyboard bind/Companion app for NAV.”

Hmm, also don’t know how to quote a reply :joy:

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I have not found this being discussed in this thread, but is the right engine supposed to sound different than the left one? When I have the engines running idle, the right engine sounds really unhealthy when I move the external camera in front of the aircraft. It rattles and sounds as though it could seize at any moment. Is this by design? The left engine sounds normal to me, and the right engine also sounds normal when inside the aircraft. This is even when starting the plane, and with no damage or anything. When the RPM increases above 1000 it goes away and both engines sound normal.

I’d venture to guess it’s just sound design. You’re supposed to crack the throttles (I use a keybind to snap the throttles up to 10% for taxiing) during startup, so maybe the sound is from an overthrottled motor.

I had noticed that as well but had not isolated it with a camera, but yes I concur the jigger can sound like a bunch of marbles in a cement mixer sometimes.