[UPDATE 1.1.0] FlyingIron P-38L Lightning

Since the last game update, a recently resolved bug has returned: when flying a GPS route, if the map is triggered (v), the GPS route swings back to the point of origin. Anyone had this issue?

Is this a question about the P-38?

yes it is…

I haven’t tested the P-38, but had this happen last night while flying the Bristell. This may indicate a core game issue as opposed to an aircraft specific issue.

I’m pretty sure you’re right. I had this issue some time ago and the with a new release of the game, it went away…now it’s back with a new game release… one step forward, two steps back!

Just got an email from FlyingIron - new update is out. :slight_smile:

Here’s what the email has for a changelog:


Too bad the props still windmill at relatively high rpm when feathered… this used to work fine (ie ZERO RPM) in their initial release…

I’ve seen this occur on other planes, try restarting the flight, it usually fixes it

This update was a wonderful surprise. Great to see my favourite aircraft in MSFS keep getting better.

What is the functionality of the workshop tab on the tablet? Does it track persistent system damage that can be overhauled with those buttons?

guys thanx for that cool works but you too good for do something like moves trimmers for modeling overspeed diving. really. this is really really wrong way. and i found something strange yet. aircraft at neutral controls all time has tend to left roll. and what not good you even can not balance that by different power. i didn’t use rudder trims . probably it’s have to work, but asymmetry power just add slip and doesn’t change roll tend
p.s. find one more thing. just forgot to mention. after 32-34k power drop too dramatically. mp good rpm any you want but air speed drop too heavy. like something layer of air there too rare and super low pressure like jump to the space… i guess it’s ok at close to 42-55k depend of engine prop type

With this latest version, I’m finding my engines die if I switch to the outer wing tanks, despite them having fuel in them. Never had a problem before this release
EDIT - seems to only do this with third party repaints.

Could be user error.
Is this update in the Marketplace yet?

if i get it right it’s was before engine wasn’t die just drop power when change fuel value position from reserve to wing bottom no problems, top - power down from some position, i remember, when switch from main to wing. from the first version. and never disable engine for the end.
if you see engine really die. it’s probably about fuel pump. by manual normal pumps has to work all the time. emergency if use wing or after 10000f. if i remember right. i don’t care that any more. just set before engine start all 4 pumps. and don’t touch them any more. almost all the time forgot to disable them after engines stops lol

Noticed the left roll to, everthing like rpm, fuel, mp balanced.

fuel must be. doesn’t check same as rud trim. but power doesn’t. may be change some. but left roll still with rud trim center and fuel balanced even at heavy different of engines powers. as mention even with significant right slip at different power ac still with left roll tend
p.s. ah. you mean you flight balanced power + fuel. yes. but most strange disbalanced power can add only slip momentum and doesn’t or does not much bank

Na, this has been a consistent issue every time I’ve tried feathering the props since the first updates… (ie… I’ve restarted the sim / computer / etc many times)

I cant seem to feather the props (stop them from rotating) either, shut both engines down and landed. props rotated until plane came to a dead stop. I was able to feather the props on the initial release but something changed in the first update.

Just bought this now it’s all been updated been looking forward to trying this one out :grin::grin::grin:

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What’s with the nasty engine phasing noises? :frowning:

Windows are closed? It has extreme buffeting when windows are open. When engines are in phase it sounds fine to me.

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