(UPDATE 1/1) [Freeware] Alaska water height fix: Anchorage and Southern National Parks

UPDATE 1/1 v1.2: Fixes conflict with new default terrain around Kantishna Airport and removes some redundant fixes

UPDATE 9/2: Updated more areas in Wrangell-St. Elias and around Anchorage.

UPDATE 8/26: Now Includes Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Glacier National Park. Glacier National was surprisingly issue free for the most part.

Expanded on the fixes I made around Anchorage by fixing any extreme water height issues I could find in the following National Parks: Denali, Lake Clark, Katamai, Kenai Fjords, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Glacier National Park, and all space in between. Total is about 400+ bodies of water as of now. I will try and add more parks weekly until there’s an official fix.If you come across any more areas with the problem around Alaska let me know! I will try and get them fixed.


Amazing work, thank you!

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Thank you, great work your doing.

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Nice works and thank you for giving this free.

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Thanks! Plan is get every park done if a global fix doesn’t come soon.

just downloaded, there is no instruction to install, you put this folder to LocalCache\Packages\Community?

Yup! Extract the zip file into that folder.

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Good stuff :slight_smile:

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Did you lower a bit too much at Denali ? The Airport seem to have gone on a slope now to the left, like the Fuel station is now floating a bit and one building has halfway sunk into the ground.

Which airport? I can go check and fix asap.

Denali AK06

Ah I see that, I’ll have it fixed and the file back up in about 10 minutes. My mistake sorry!

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Great work, thanks a lot.

But what happens when the Devs fix these issues too in future updates? Is this going to become a conflict?

Then just delete this fix

Thank you and no big deal

As easy as removing the file from your community folder.

Just to confirm, A or B is the right way?


A is the right way to do it! The process will be the same for any thing you download from the community.

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little weirdness around healy river.

weird hill

Another issue around Healty River and some other places before where the terrain is kinda split as if there was a huge earthquake and one part went up and the other down