Update - ATC and Wrong Runway based on WX

Come on Team. This is issue that has been going on for a long time now and remains unfixed. I flew from Orlando to Miami IFR with a Flight Plan. I selected Direct to Direct. As I approached Miami, was directed by ATC approach to land on ILS runway 27 and the wind reported was 096 @ 22. Why the heck wasn’t I instructed to land on ILS runway 9 or 8L or 8R, into the wind??? As I switched over ATC control to the tower, the wind was again repeated at 096 @22. Aircraft land and takeoff “INTO” the wind. The logic in the simulator is way wrong between what ATC selects as the landing runway and the actual wind direction being reported. Please fix this ASAP. Tks, MIKE

I would add to this, I’ve had a number of flights where ATIS->Take off runway instructions from ATC->landing airport weather and land runway instructions from ATC are all incorrect with regard to the current weather in the sim


Yes I’ve had the same, I tested by landing at an airport very close to another that had ATIS…tuned in to get the weather particularly wind direction and it was indicating that ATC had instructed me to land down wind as the 2 airport runways less than 10 miles apart had the same runway 270 etc …so unless within 5 miles the wind suddenly did a 180 in direction the ATC is incorrect or there is a serious delay in updating .

Just a follow up
Sat at EGCC Manchester to plan flight in MSFSFlight plan-to EGNX

In sim planning screen says wind 285 at 8knts
Meteoblue says 100 at 2knts
LN map via NOAA says all runways good 2knts variable
Windy says SSE 100 ish at 2 knots variable

So the only one really opposite to the others is the In Sim planning screen ???

ADDENDUMS… once I loaded into the flight “Ready to Fly” screen the wind had changed to 12knts at 69 ?

Let’s see what Runway ATC give me on Contact in cockpit LOL
So Run 23 in use so if I can follow my own logic … if I disregard weather on the planning screen and plan Departure and Arrival with the Wind direction indicated by Meteoblue or Windy etc I should be ok when I do get into the cockpit

Hope this ramble is of use lol