Update 1.16.2 : is MSFS now a CTD generator?

I was unclear. I am having issues with CTD without any mods enabled.

Before the update with no mods no CTD and better performance.

Simple answer: Yes.

i noticed alt tab crashes the sim also on fresh install of windows 10 pro 21h1 and a fresh clean sim install

Agree. My only complaints in this forums was always about stutters and FPS drops during critical moments, like landing. But I have to say this, since the last couple of updates it’s been running pretty good for me and I only recall having one CTD while in VR while doing back and forth changes in the settings, including openxr… Now I can even do that without any crashes. After this latest Openxr and Nvidia drivers updates, my VR is even better.
My number one suggestion for someone who is thinking in buying a new PC just for FS is to build one or have someone or company build it for you, where YOU are in charge of the brand/model/quality of hardware you are getting. Majority, if not all, the companies that sell out of the box PCs use the cheapest components they can get their hands on, resulting in lower performances and trouble when the systems are pushed.


Yeah, over a million people playin the sim. A handful folks face ctd’s and you assume that’s the sim? Man, what are you smoking? :wink:
Get a stable system, re-install and be happy… :blue_heart:


Very important is the Power supply.
My PC is home build and is using an Corsair RM850X power supply ( 850 W)
I think a lot of player have poor quality or insufficient power supply.


It seems reasonable certain that MSFS has CTD issues as a function of DATA.

This is what ASOBO needs to address.

You can never Guarantee that the data being received by the sim, Scenery etc, will not have some errors in it that may case a CTD. (Typically a Null Pointer type error), so the only way around it is with suitable error trapping.


If you are making a Fruit Pie, and you are expecting a fruit like peaches, or apples, but instead, by mistake, get an ELEPHANT, then that Fruit tart is not going to turn out well. !!

Getting the ELEPHANT, when you were expecting a Fruit is the cause of your Fruit Pie Failure, and has nothing to do with the Pie Crust .


What’s your version number now ? what happens when you use the recent pre-release 466.63 ? or step back to 457.30 ?

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I love it N6722C! :rofl: N6722C, isn’t that a name of a Star Trek space ship! Charles

What people need to do is run a PC testing software, like AIDA64, for example, which will stress your system to the max., If it passes after a few hours of running, then your PC can handle ANYTHING you throw at it, including MSFS.

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can someone plz tell me what is CTD? maybe i have it and i dont know it?

Crash to desktop - so basically if the Game closes itself

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Now i see. I had CTDs before in long flights because of time acceleration and game wasnt able to download scenery as fast as a flying. sometimes i just slowing down for download all scenery around and speed up again. And another CTD was because of RandFailures, some failure cause a CTD.

i guess there is somewhere a log file where u can see what causes crashes, isn’t it?

depends on the software. But for each crash (CTD) there should be a t least one entry in the Windows Event Viewer (Application Page)

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Not quite : N6722C is a little different to NCC-1701

Enterprise or USS Enterprise (often referred to as the “Starship Enterprise”) is the name of several fictional spacecraft, some of which are the main craft and setting for various television series and films in the Star Trek science fiction franchise. The most notable were Captain James T. Kirk’s USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) from the original 1960s television series, and Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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There are settings in Windows you can activate to get a crash dump for every application crash.
With this dump, you can use a post-mortem debugger to analyze the crash.

I check every single MSFS CTD. In my case, more than 90% of them have the same single cause: a null pointer passed to the memcpy function from the C runtime, originating from the Renoir library used by Asobo / Microsoft.


How did you determine that from your Crash Dump Analyzer ?

I 100% agree on the Pointer statement — which often seems to be Scenery “DATA Sensitive”

I sure hope you have communicated that info to Asobo!

No CTDs here.

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