[UPDATE 1.2.0] Small Taxi Helpers (3D/VR) | Reality XP

This mod makes the Taxi Ribbon assistance less invasive in VR and more convenient in 3D.

This mod replaces the set of Taxi Helpers UI so that you can keep the Taxi Ribbon assistance always enabled. It consists in modifications making them unobtrusive and naturally blending with the ground.

Smaller taxi ribbon arrows coloured green:

Blue/Green parking box helpers:

Blue/None parking box helpers:

White/None parking box helpers:

Informations, Screenshots and Download from FlightSim.to:


Update 1.1.0 available now!



  • ADDED: Experimental white/none parking box helpers, displaying almost like ground painted parking lines and disappearing once inside the area.

Download now:



Update 1.2.0 available now!


Added: Blue/None parking variant

  • displaying a thin blue pattern over the ground and disappearing once inside the area.

Enhanced: White/None parking variant

  • displaying a little bit more whiter to accommodate varying surface colors better.

Download now:


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