[UPDATE: 14.2.0] Voice Command Pack Add-on for FSFlyingSchool

The Voice Command Pack Add-on for FSFlyingSchool adds the ability to talk to your virtual instructor!

Over 40 Voice Commands - your instructor is listening to you!


"Executing go around"
Moves from landing to cruise mode.
"Next flight mode"
Advances to next FSFlyingSchool flight mode. (Ctrl Shift Z)
"Prepare for landing"
Advances from cruise to landing mode.
"Previous flight mode"
Backs up to previous FSFlyingSchool flight mode. (Ctrl Shift X)
"Ready for take off"
Advances from taxi to take off mode
"Taxiing Out"
Moves from take off to taxi mode.
"We are cruising"
Moves from take off or from landing to cruise mode.


"Descent rate to destination"
Reports descent rate in FPM to arrive at runway based on ground speed.
"Destination airport data"
Opens web browser for AirNav.com and shows data for destination airport.
"Destination runway"
Reports details of flight plan destination runway.
"Divert to Alternate"
Change destination airport in FSFlyingSchool flight plan.
"Flight plan remaining"
Reports remaining distance in NM based on flight plan.
"Flight time remaining"
Reports remaining flight time based on flight plan and current ground speed.
Reports ILS frequency at destination runway.
"Next Runway "
Change FSFlyingSchool flight plan to land at next numerically listed runway.
"Next waypoint"
Reports distance in NM to next waypoint in flight plan.
"Runway heading"
Reports exact heading of flight plan destination runway.
"Waypoint bearing"
Reports course needed to fly to next waypoint in flight plan.
"Waypoint frequency"
Reports radio frequency of next waypoint if it is a VOR.
"Waypoint time"
Reports time to reach next flight plan waypoint based on current ground speed.


"Above ground level"
Reports above ground level.
"Airport ??? o’clock? "
Reports the nearest airport at that bearing.
"Cruise airspeed"
Requests instructor to monitor your airspeed while cruising.
"Cruise altitude"
Requests instructor to monitor your altitude while cruising.
"Fuel consumed"
Reports fuel consumed since this flight in FSFlyingSchool started.
"Gear extension speed"
Reports maximum gear extension speed.
"Gross weight"
Reports gross weight in pounds.
"Ground Speed "
Reports ground speed.
"NAV1 information "
Reports NAVAID NAV1 is receiving, including NAVAID ID, DME, ILS/LOC, runway.
"Nearest airport"
Reports nearest airport with ICAO code, bearing, distance, runway length.
"Next flap speed "
Reports next speed at which you can lower MORE flaps.
"Specify Airport"
Announce that you are about to request information on an airport.
"Visibility and wind"
Reports current visibility, wind direction and strength.
"Where’s the airport?"
Reports flight plan destination airport and its bearing in “clock” format.


"Airmanship test"
Toggles one of FSFlyingSchool’s Airmanship Tests on or off. (Ctrl Shift C)
"Be quiet please"
Interrupts instructor with your request to stop talking.
"Can you hear me"
Your instructor will reply to confirm that you can be heard.
"Circuit mode"
Toggles FSFlyingSchool’s Circuit Mode on or off.(Ctrl Shift Space)
"I want your help"
Tells instructor that you want to hear his/her help.
"Let me fly by myself"
Instructor will monitor flight but will say nothing.
"Next checklist "
Instructor will read next checklist. (Ctrl Shift N)