[UPDATE 15.1.0] FSFlyingSchool 2022 for Microsoft Flight Simulator | FSFlyingSchool

NEW FSFlyingSchool 2022 - your team of talking instructors is here!

FSFlyingSchool 2022 adds an intelligent, talking instructor to any flight, anywhere, in 50 of Microsoft Flight Simulator’s popular aircraft. Get your flying assisted and graded in over 70 areas with full logged results and reports of achievements and problems.

Pilots new to FSFlyingSchool 2022 can try out the FREE demo which has no time limit.

Owners of any earlier version of FSFlyingSchool for any simulator can upgrade to FSFlyingSchool 2022 for Microsoft Flight Simulator at a discount

FSFlyingSchool support is here


We have just released a free update for FSFlyingSchool 2022 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Added support for:

• Aeroplane Heaven Cessna 140
• Aerosoft DHC6-100 Wheels Cargo
• Aerosoft DHC6-300 Wheels
• Mario Noriega C-22J Ventura
• Milviz PC-6/B Turbo-Porter Tundra
• Milviz PC-6/B Turbo-Porter Wheels
• Simworks Kodiak Tundra
• Simworks Kodiak Wheels

FSFlyingSchool is an award winning virtual flight instructor add-on and its team of talking instructors will have you flying your very best.

A free demo - with no time limit - is available at https://www.FSFlyingSchool.com

Contact us any time at support@FSFlyingSchool.com