[Update 2.0] LFGH Cosne-sur-Loire upgrade

This small airfield scenery is an example of what can done with stock object on a small General Aviation field. This is an improved version of Cosne-sur-Loire airport scenery (LFGH) in the center of France, not so far from La Loire river and the famous french castles. This airfield is a very small GA airfield with a well-known Robin maintenance shop (Loire Aviation) and an air club. It has a single paved runway 11/29 of 800 meters (2624 ft), a single taxiway and a concrete ramp, but you can park on the grass field :wink:

The Microsoft Flight Simulator scenery is only made with default library objects. The freeware scenery is available for download: Cosne-sur-Loire (LFGH) » Microsoft Flight Simulator

  • New airfield buildings closer to reality as much as generic hangar can do
  • (v2) New texture applied on hangar to improve as-real-as-it-gets
  • Plenty of small objects here and here to make it a life platform: trees, barrels, cones, toolbox, picnic table, fences, people and pilots…
  • Update of parking positions and new static aircrafts (only at free space)
  • Correct location of the unique windsock
  • Remove unreal taxiway signs


The version 2.0 of this small scenery has been released at Flightsim.to • Cosne-sur-Loire (LFGH) by Vincent BAZILLIO

A lot of small fixes has been included, but the most important is new textures applied on main hangar…

… and also on Loire Aviation maintenance shop

Enjoy this small General Aviation airfield in the center of France!

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One year after starting discovering the Scenery Editor, I slowly start enhancing my skill with Blender. A new aeroclub building now sits in version 2.43. Still a lot to learn!

Still available for free at Cosne-sur-Loire (LFGH) » Microsoft Flight Simulator


Thanks a lot !
You may enjoy this with your mod (old version): Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 vs Reality - DR400 - YouTube

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