[UPDATE : 3.4] NeoFly multi languages

Version 3.4

  • multi languages : english, french, italian, spanish, german, chinese. WIP : portuguese

  • fixed cargo bug when plane crashed or sold

  • improved beacon / strobes detection for planes like sr22
    Version 3.3

  • Added 3 pilot profiles : custom, pro and survival

  • Added automatic loan payment every week : no more free money !

  • Fixed security bonus speed bug @Sbeuh

  • Reset button is back in custom mode

  • Hard runway filter for reset mission is back

  • Fixed rank issue on Airlines mission

  • Best threads management

About profiles : Now there are 9 options in the settings tab : 4 for Pro mode and 5 for Survival mode.

  • In custom mode you can activate deactivate whatever you want
  • In Pro mode, you can only activate deactivate survival mode options.
  • In Survival mode, everything is activated

Pro mode option (XP = 10%, reward = 10%):

  • Plane : if deactivated, you can use the plane you want in MSFS (but because you don’t use a NF plane, market, and ai pilots are disabled).
  • Location : if deactivated, you can start a mission even if your pilot or plane is not at the mission departure (only for mission, market still works as usual)
  • Cargo/pax : if deactivated, you can start a mission even if your plane doesn’t have the payload or pax requirements
  • Reset : if deactivated, the reset button is back.

Survival mode (XP = 20%, reward = 20%) :

  • Sim rate : if activated, you can’t use sim rate.
  • Slew : if activated, you can’t use slew.
  • No crash : if activated, you can’t deactivate the MSFS no crash option
  • Bonus : if activated, you security and handling bonus are on
  • Death : if activated, a crash kills your pilot and you lose his career.



this is good news with free plane choice.

btw, is it possible to choose which airport to look for a mission freely or do I still have to transfer there by paying virtual currency for it ?

Hello, you can also activate an option where you can look for a mission freely. In this case, it is no mandatory to have the pilot and/or his plane at the departure mission airport

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I installed the new version and I like it a lot.

It has come a long way, I must say !

So many mission types, and freely chossing Plane and Airport (with much lesser rewards earned but that is super ok).

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Search and rescue mission in South Africa. Of course, there are great white sharks circling the survivors… :grinning: