Update 4 & Content Manager

What happened to my content manager. It’s blank and the white circle is going round and round and nothing happening. It was ok until yesterday when update 4 happened to grace our lives. :confounded:

Do you have add-ons in your community folder? In particular, liveries?

Empty your Community folder and it will be OK and you can update any content. Something in the Community folder does this. You can then reinstate your Community folder. Cheers.

yes liveries and sceneries…

OK that worked, but why always a work around ? :woozy_face:

Developers have been pushing out updated versions of their mods with properly formatted “manifest.json” files. “Malformed” files were the reason for that issue I believe.

Since the update my FS2020 hasn’t been loading at all, with any mod in the community folder. As soon as I copy one in the folder and try to start up, FS starts loading, the turning loading circle freezes up and it crashes to desktop before the “Please press any key …” message appears.
Never had that before.
Will delete everything now and reinstall … again … since the update hadn’t worked on the first try either. :-/