Update 5 and absolutely no difference in performance for me

Compared to earlier versions there is no difference for me. It runs badly on all settings, even on low with my Valve Index.

Where do people get those fps from? Am I missing something, and on low with my setup, there should be more fps. Even in non-vr with 3440x1440 and ultra I get more fps than on low with lower resolution in VR.

Well, you haven’t even provided your specs for comparison so… who knows that the issue is? (Your specs might be in the video, but I have no interest in watching it I’m afraid.) You can’t really use performance in 2D as any kind of gauge or comparison in VR though, because the two processes are so different that it isn’t just a case of overall “resolution”.

Personally, I have seen a large boost in performance, enough to be able to increase a number of settings for better quality. So it’s strange that you see nothing, and might indicate that your system is being bottlenecked by something else.

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This post is completely useless and comes across as an ad for your YouTube video.


Still experimenting but could there be an issue with the steam vr runtime? I’m on quest 2 and have been using steam vr runtime via virtual desktop, I have had poor performance with SU5 and have just now switched back to Oculus runtime and link, initial impressions are that it is more like the good performance I had pre update. Will look again tomorrow

Valve Index
Ryzen 9 3900x
RTX 2080ti
32gb DDR4

And what better way to show as in movement and an fps tool instead of text in my non native language where I might not explain propperly.

That’s what it is

This is no ■■■■ ad, I want to know why this runs so poor on my system. Suggestions, solutions other experience. If showing a video for visualation is ad… oh boy. Close this thread. Naiv to think on the official forum you might get some help. For the moment I am playing on game pass and was really looking for this update to finally be able to play smoothly in VR, even wanting to buy the game to have it. But no thank you.