Update 6 LOWI elevation glitches


Microsoft Store version

Take off from Innsbruck RW08, three large towers appear.

Take off RW08 LOWI

Update 6.

Microsoft Store version

`Did you submit this to Zendesk? Not yet

Did you clear your cache file? If your scenery was cached from before the update it may interfere with the new mesh…

Same problem

LOWI looks fine here, took a couple of flights there yesterday and today.

On another thread I suggested the following:

  • delete rolling cache (you’ve probably done so)
  • make sure no addons are loaded, neither in the Community folder, nor in Marketplace
  • delete Content.xml before launching in the MSFS settings folder where usercfg.opt is located
  • delete the contents of the SceneryIndexes folder
  • delete (or move to a different location) the contents of the Packages folder
  • use Western Europe as a server (not sure this is relevant, but that’s the one I’m using without issues)

But it seemed like this didn’t solve the issue for the users affected by the problem. No idea if there are other scenery caches (or anything similar) in the user folders. Might be worth trying to rename all user data folders of MSFS to give it a clean start.

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What is your terrain LoD set to?

I’m using 200 terrain LOD. Running a Ryzen 3900X, Radeon RX 6700XT 12GB, 32GB RAM, but this doesn’t seem hardware related to me, rather something related to the mesh loading / handling in MSFS…

I’ve seen plenty of these while flying in Norway and Greenland a few weeks after MSFS was released, but it seems they’re gone for good now (on my computer).

Has anybody else notices terrain spikes / artifacts after WU6? I have not downloaded WU6 just as I never downloaded any previous world updates. I doubt this has anything to do with this problem as it only downloads the airports and POIs onto the hard drive, the rest should be server side?

So far I’ve noticed them in Innsbruck (LOWI) and Rijeka (LDRI)…

Haven’t reset rolling cache yet, will try that next.

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Ditto for me in LOWI. Saw them yesterday and was going to post today about them. You beat me to it!


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Have you tried to reset rolling cache yet? I will give it a try now.

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Don’t waste your time, doesn’t work :joy:

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I just flew to LOWI, saw exactly the same as the second pic after landing.
Rolling cache was cleaned after SU6 update yesterday evening.

They most definitely do not need beta testers for world updates /s


Yeah, it is perfectly aligned on the (wrongly aligned) localizer for the east approach. It does disappear though when closer.

I’m flying around LOWI right now and don’t see anything out of the ordinary. Maybe a server/streaming data issue?

Do you have any OrbX products installed by any chance? Some people reported weird issues with that.

I have done various flights since the release of WU6, and I haven’t seen any of those spikes, neither east nor west of it. It’s definitely there for some users, but certainly not for everyone. Do you have any addons installed that might interact with the mesh in that region?

I just tried to run the sim with an empty community folder and redeleted the rolling cache, the spikes are still there.

What’s your terrain lod setting at?

I have ORBX London and Dubai but the issue occurs even with


Just to be sure: Do you have any addons installed from the market place?

Also try removing the Marketplace addons. Orbx especially is causing issues (giant cars and buildings) and could be affecting this somehow.

I don’t have any addons installed and it looks fine.