Update 6 LOWI elevation glitches

If you need to make space your drive is already too full. Once a drive gets above 70 - 80% it starts losing performance (unless it’s 1TB plus which gives a bit more headroom)

Yes I use a 250GB SSD specifically for MSFS and some other small stuff, got around 50 GB free now, also because my rolling cache file was really big. Either way I have no intention downloading every world update so I hope they can fix this. Can confirm that downloading the German PG cities (300mb) fixes the problem.

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Unless that SSD is NVme try using a ram drive for your rolling cache, it need not be big (4GB for 1080p works well). It will free up that space on your drive and give a visible performance boost. The only downside is a simple reallocation in the sim if you had previously switched off your PC

Found a terrain spike near Luzern, Switzerland. Once I get closer, it disappears. Only visible from a distance. See screen shot.

I didn’t and I don’t have any additional scenery content installed in this region (Europe).

Deleting and rebuilding the rolling cache works apparently

someone said it doesnt in this very post

You have to upload the scenery first.

ok found the problem from this thread but it seems people arent reading it, with WU6 you then of course need to update all that are in the content manager, plus download the free update for austria germany switzerland that is in marketplace NOT in content manager its an extra 5gb of data. This fixes the ground spikes

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The spikes at Innsbruck are a separate issue:

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I also got the obeliscs at LOWI… Graphics on default ULTRA. Content Manager is up-to-date. Rolling cache deleted and newly setup. 32GB RAM. Community is as clean as a whistle. No other funnies ever installed. Never ever had a problem. 300MBit Internet. Buildings i.e. PG looks good (not garbled, morphing in the distance sucks).

No WU6.

I didnt do those… did not want to fool around with stuff I dont know much about.

  • delete Content.xml before launching in the MSFS settings folder where usercfg.opt is located
  • delete the contents of the SceneryIndexes folder
  • delete (or move to a different location) the contents of the Packages folder

… so I guess I have to install the WU6 … is this the solution or are there any more recent insights?

No, that is the solution

You mean yes this is the solution?

You only need to download the 300 mb German PG cities which is part of the WU6 package. That solved it for me at least.

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Ok. Thanks. Need to try later…

German PG cities fixes a bug in Innsbruck … Mmmhhh interesting

Not only that, found the same weird spikes in Rijeka (Croatia) which also disappeared after installing German PG cities from WU6…

I mean no to “are there any more recent insights” and that is the solution to “is this the solution”

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So installed the whole thing. Did not know how to only install the German PG stuff. I have plenty of Nvme space so it is all right.

Works now. No spikes. Thanks.

There is a button which let you expand the package and see the individual components. It still is a bug though, World Updates should be optional.

Agree. It’s done for now. Might as well check out the Austrian and Swiss mountains.

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