Update Airac on Xbox

Is the latest AIRAC in MSFS compatible with the latest AIRAC in Navigraph on Xbox. I plan in Simbrief, load into aircraft EFB (FSRM500) then try to load flight plan into G1000NXI but comes up with error and will not load. Is there a way to update the MSFS AIRAC to match Navigraph.
Some plans load but others don’t and for the plans that don’t a lot of time is wasted instead of flying.:+1:

No - their AIRACs are coded slightly differently and Navigraph has way more coverage outside Continental US than Navblue. So you’ll more than likely have a mismatch using Simbrief on XBox.

Both MS and Navigraph follow the 30-Day AIRAC refresh cycle world-wide. So you do have the latest AIRAC, it’s just Airbus/Navblue’s data is less complete than Jeppensen/Navigraph.

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Moved to ATC, Traffic & NAVAIDs since related to NAVAIDs.

In that case it’s a bit annoying. It a shame this can’t be checked early on in the planning phase and not have to wait till the end imputing into the G1000.:+1:

Simbrief is a Navigraph product, so there was never any expectation it would work with Navblue unless the navigation waypoints / references were present in both datasets. MS isn’t obligated to check that. The operating assumption is always that it’s FS on NavBlue, that’s the stock sim configuration.

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