Update breaks Track IR

I’ve found that if my track IR sensor loses track of the IR trackers. When it finally gets them tracked again it stops working with the sim.

For me the toggle head tracking did not work. Only resetting the flight has so far.

Very disappointing.

Yes it does … I’m flying for close to 15 minutes now with TrackIR working fine. But just like all the assistance modes are switched back on by default with the update, so TrackIR is switched off in the camera menu at the top of the screen by default. Switch it back on and it works.


They broke mouse interface in VR so…

Thank You for taking the time to explain this, works as prescribed. Much appreciated!!!

Way to go in the future? Sure. But I’ll wait for better prices, better hardware, better implementation, and when MSFS stops stuttering. MSFS already has enough headaches without adding that mess.

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Ridiculous! They don’t test this and if they do, they leave in crazy bugs that should have been fixed. At the very -LEAST- they should allow users to not update/back update. Very tired of wasting hours and hours trying to diagnose their issues.

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I’ve found that as long as I don’t pause TIR in flight it doesn’t shut off. The moment I pause it I have to go back into camera settings, take TIR off pause and then select TIR on again. I pause TIR a lot during flight to look at my other screen so I sure hope they come up with a hotfix soon.

Disagree, It wont switch on for me.

They’ll have to hotfix it, as simple as that. And fast.

When I first brought up the Hornet my TrackIR wasn’t working though everything said it was. Switched over to C-172 and TrackIR worked. Went back to Hornet and it worked for a minute or so then stopped.

From what I am experiencing is that whenever I pause the actual game, the “Track IR” setting turns off in the toolbar handle camera settings. So when I resume the game I have to turn it back on. It’s a bit of a nuisance, but at least it works.

Yeah I still use track ir and want this fixed immediately

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The reset button does nothing for me. It’s totally broke. Back to DCS.

I do. Some have both. Some are waiting on a graphics card that will handle VR. So that’s who has track IR.

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Good idea, for the first time with an MSFS update I agree. It’s worse than SU5 for silly bugs which totally spoil the ability to fly as I normally do.

Exactly right. I have had VR for a year but only maybe spent 3-4 hours in MSFS with it. Need a better GPU. Perfectly happy with TrackIR which has worked great for almost 20 years now.


I do and don’t plan to go the VR route.

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Make sure you head over to the main thread and vote!

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Instead of this make it a votable bug. This does nothing.

Link to voteable bug is posted above your last post.

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People who actually use their hardware, charts, PFDs on iPads… what an utterly stupid comment.