Update delays to marketplace content 3 months+

It seems content on marketplace is not having updates come through in some cases for 3 months+ or never.

Updates need to come through in a timely manner.

A perfect example is Bijan Habashi Season Packs. More than 4 updates have been made in past 3 months and none have come through to “updates available” tab in content manager.

Seems something is up, communication breakdown, grey area, system failure etc?

Where are the updates?

Xbox users have no alternative way of getting updates from content devs.

Would appreciate the season packs to be prioritised on the basis of popularity at least.


I agree. This is completely ridiculous. Taking a few days is one thing, but more than a week is pushing it. Three months is just inexcusable. I used to regret not buying third-party addons in the marketplace because they needed to be updated manually. Now I regret buying them the marketplace because the updates aren’t there.


This dovetails nicely with the Longterm For Xbox thread here in the forums. You’ll see there’s been an awakening of sorts among us Xbox users which have brought issues like this into view. The concern is very real as some content simply doesn’t work properly at all.

The experience as a whole has been borderline disastrous for us. I’m going to go as far as saying that from the very start, the treatment given for Xbox has been bungled, mishandled and treated with a sort of aloof/apathetic attitude. The problems are multiplying and the people at the top can’t keep burying heads in the sand. Most complaints feel like they’re swept under the rug so I know full well of PC users despair on this as some of their issues go back a full year.

I could go on and on but yes many of us are well aware of your frustration, much better quality control and service is desperately needed.


And that´s why I am not going to buy there anymore.

Imagine buying the new PMDG 737 in January in the marketplace.
This is what awaits:
There will be again a second time no PMDG Control center to add all the necessary immersive liveries paints and designs (since half a year there is none for the Cloudmaster, and probably never will be for both the Cloudmaster and the 737 - goodbye 99% of all liveries! Oh what an idiot have I been not directly buying on the PMDG website, just look at these ten dozen awesome liveries on flightsim.to but all of them being in need of the PMDG Control Center…)

Everyone will get the 737 day-1-hotfix on January 22nd adding important bugfixes in the first week after release - except the marketplace users.

Everyone will get the bigger 5 gigabyte patch that will enhance the 3D model and the cockpit visuals, and add 737 cargo version - except the marketplace users, who will still not find a single update available even MONTHS later.

Everyone will get that huge nav data and SIDS and STARS and FMC and EICAS update in February - except the marketplace users who will not find even one update during the whole summer.

Oh SU8 and SU9 are coming - well too bad that both the Cloudmaster and the 737 are not functional anymore afterwards untill autumn 2023!
(Except the sly buyers who have bought directly at the third party websites and won´t have any problems and will get the necessary updates for both planes three days later.) :wink:


I have deleted all items I have bought from Market Place and rebought them outside the sim, I will never spend a dime on that place ever again.

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that’s right, there are scenarios like LGAV that they haven’t put on the marketplace to date.

Carenado airplanes can only be bought via Marketplace.

Today I was analyzing the msfs marketplace, it’s getting super polluted with some unnecessary addons even, the case of NIGHT ENHANCED, hey I’m always excited waiting for scenarios from big producers that were released 3 or 4 months ago but all I find are these things, how boring. They should try to group these things by region or something like that, soon they’ll make 1 car addon and post 5,000 models polluting the entire marketplace, hey, group everything in one pack. This NIGHT ENHANCED could be by region, the guy puts 2 or 3 lights and sells the same thing again 1 billion times.
Nothing against the addon and those who like it, but for me it’s a little unnecessary and it pollutes visually, it pollutes. Even using filters to find what you want. And if you can improve because we don’t do it, it’s not true

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