Update Downgrade Graphics

I’m really very frustrated, when they sell you the simulator you see some beautiful trailers. When I bought the simulator. It looked the same as in the trailers in ultra settings. Now with this update Antialiasing does not work, and more textures etc.
Why this Downgrade?
Where is the AA devs? come back


I’m usually not someone who grumbles quickly, but this downgrade annoys me a lot :triumph:

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Extremely unlikely it’s an intentional downgrade, and more likely a bug for SOME people with the way TXAA is working.

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Now, this patch has the game a downgrade I don’t know if the developers know it.


maybe but, the tress and building popping up, far away hill have no trees, if you come near there popping up. Same with buildings.
Also when when you up plane inside to outside view the plane model builds itself up.

it is unfair to have such a beautiful game, and then with an update ruin everything


bingo… what was amazing now SUKCS!

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The only good point about the game is now gone. The addond developers must be so happy. Because now we need addonds for aircrafts, weather, atc, ground service, traffic, navigation, and finally addons to fix the world scenario and aa. I wont be surprised if anyone release some addon to fix the game installer.


After update



The graphics downgrade/problems really made the Japan update a bit underwhelming for me. I like that we have all the POIs now, the most of the time we spend time flying between those and the general landscape looks so much worse now. The aliasing is very noticable, the ground looks less sharp and generally the visuals seem degraded when looking back to launch day.

I sat with two buddies in Discord and really wanted to tell them how great Japan looks now, but it did not really stand out for me outside of the cities. Not sure if there was a bug with ground streaming as well, but it just did not look very good.

If it continues like this that it gets worse with every patch, Xplane will look better than FS2020 after 5 more patches at the latest and we can go back and don’t need to be upset about Microsoft and Asobo anymore

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I will maybe wait for 10 patches, so i can go back to FSX.

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Have not had much chance to fly around in the new Patch but I did notice that after the update the Graphics Settings had been changed from Medium-High to some weird Custom configuration and I had to reset them.

looks like the pilot dropped his :eyeglasses:.