Update from PMDG re: SU5 & 737

Interesting update from PMDG re: SU5 and the upcoming 737.

TL;DR – SU5 obviously caused some delays with PMDG but they’re hoping to preview the 737 soon.


PMDG is a class act. Three updates/fixes for the DC-6 in less than ten days? Bravo! :clap:


Totally agree. Really hope they can keep pushing forward.


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No breaking no fixing. The problem is this has to be repeated after every MSFS update or upgrade. Is that funny or ridiculous?

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I think it is nearly heroic. :slight_smile:

“Press on, regardless.”

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That right there is a diplomatic and professional statement.
Kudos pmdg.


For the last year of owning PMDG products I continue to be impressed with their company culture and tone… and work ethic. I only wish more developers were more like them.


As much as I like their DC-6, I find the PMDG update process regarding liveries a tiny bit cumbersome or at least confusing.
After updating to 2.0.36 the updater showed zero installed liveries for the DC-6B, which clearly was not correct. Restarting the updater then showed a message, that all the liveries were orphaned, the livery utility could then easily repair the liveries.
Only, why I this a 2 step process? Can’t the product updater automatically repair the liveries or at least indicate that some liveries where orphaned?
This is my only little bit of critism regarding this otherwise fantastic product.

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Some exciting news over at PMDG.

This will be my first attempt at real “study level” aircraft and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited.

They highlighted a slim potential for 777 this year aswell!


This is very exciting thank you


Indeed very exciting!


Link isn’t working for me. Can you tell us the update?

Apologies, I should of checked it!

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I’ll come back when this is released and I have the $100 credit waiting too.


Is that the expected price range? Regardless, I’ll still buy it!

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Just curious, do we know what NG variants are included? 700/800/900? Just one? I’m sure it’s out there somewhere but couldn’t find it.

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Good question, not 100% sure. it’s been relatively quite up till now.

Typically would there be additional costs associated to each variant? new to PMDG…

Anything under 100 dollars is probably out of the question but will be worth it.

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can anyone see the screenshots? they seem broken

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