[UPDATE] | FSiPanel for MSFS 2020 | J-P Garraio

FSiPanel for MSFS 2020 version is now available.
automatic update will take place next time you use the software.


What is FSiPanel

All the 30 aircraft of the premium edition are supported.
Fly approaches anywhere in the world within a few seconds.

FSiPanel allows you to use a simple but powerful ‘point-and-click’ instructor panel to set approaches. It will position your aircraft at the following positions:

Final approach from any distance
Downwind leg
Base leg
Vectors (30° or 45° intercept)
10’000, 20’000 or 30’000 ft in cruise
On an Airport STAR (Standard Terminal Arrival Route)
On pilot’s created waypoint (can also be imported and exported)
You will also get a detailed landing report showing your performance in terms of rate of descent, deviation from centerline, bank as well as other important information.

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Stay safe,

Jean-Pierre Garraio

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