Update: JDs King Air 350i Improvement Mod Reworked

16.06.2021 New version 1.1

Adjusted the Fligh Dynamics Part of my Mod to account for the changes Asobo made on the King Air with the last SimUpdate. Asobo corrected some major engine logic errors. Aircraft has a good performance now, but still istn´t powerfull enough. So i again gave it a 11% flat thrust boost. Speeds are nearly POH. Asobo made no real flight dynamic changes though, so I again made some changes to lift and drag of the flaps, for better landing behaviour. I also adjusted N1-TQ Table so you still can get 100% Torque on takeoff with inertial seperator (engine anti ice) on.

But futher changes are very likely be made by asobe during the next two simupdates, so i didn´t investet too much time in this. But my mod should significantely improve the dynamics/performance of the King Air 350i.

Included are folders for following improvements/changes

  • Cockpit Livery Mod with Black / Light Beige Colors
  • a Mod for Black Seats
  • a Mod for Creme Seats
  • a Mod for Blue Emissions (text)
  • a Mod for Green Emissions (text)
  • a Mod for Oranges Emissions (text)
  • a Mod for white analog gauges with black pointers
  • a Mod for white analog gauges with blue pointers
  • a Mod for white analog gauges with orange pointers
  • a Mod with a slightly changes Flight Model:
    - more drag on flaps
    - less lift on flaps
    - flat 11% more thrust to compensate for drag and lift changes
    - adjusted Torque/N1 table, so you can get 100% TQ even with inertial seperator (engine anti ice) on
    The main intention is to make the plane behave better at landings (flare tec.)
  • a Mod with some additions to functionality (includes uwajimayas lighting mod) - Uwa’s lighting mods | Updated aircraft lighting for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
    - autopilot control panel not illuminated per default, is now coupled with middle lighting knob on overhead panel
    - enabled half bank mode (28°, 13°)
    - half bank mode automatically enables and disables at 18.500 ft
    - yaw damper automatically enables with autopilot
    - reduced emission of standby display significantly (was to high at nigth for my taste)
  • a Mod which enables a copilot (basically the mugz copilot mod) - Add Co-pilot to your cockpit (Standard Edition) » Microsoft Flight Simulator

A seperate mod made by me that enables the GTN750 on the MFD Screens is available here - JDs GTN750 on Others Mod » Microsoft Flight Simulator

I also want to share my comprehensive checklist for the King Air 350i derived from an original POH.

Kind Regards


I cannot wait to try this, I was literally thinking about this a few minutes ago while reading up on mods for other aircraft and wishing my 350i got some love!
Thank you

Awesome mod, does it fix the fuel issue so it consumes more realisticly to get a range of 1500nm?

Fuel consumption should be a little bit higher, cause you have to keep a higher N1 for respective torque. But the Intention on the Mod is not to be super accurately model the King Air 350. I simply wouldn´t be able to do that. I just wanted to get rid of this ridiciulous high increased torque. In Vanilla you got vom 80% climb torque to over 100% torque without changing thrust lever.

Very nice :slight_smile:

Thanks for the work on this @JayDee6281! Regarding Half Bank mode, it comes on automatically when you climb through 18,500’, and goes off at the same altitude in descent. Also goes off if you hit the go-around button, or when the autopilot captures a course (localizer or FMS).

Well done, finally somebody look at King Air!!! Greate job, I did 2 flights today with this mod and it is pretty stable.

Only one question, sometimes during taxiing if I give more throttle to start moving it never back to idle rpms, even if ruds in idle. I able to fix it only by switching to reverse and back.

My TBM 930 is starting to get jealous that I’m spending so much time with the 350i due to your mod.

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Well done. The only thing I see is that on landing it won’t bleed off speed in idle thrust. Can that be tweaked a bit?

amazing mod, any chance to fix the fuel issue? so that it consumes more accurately? or haven’t found a way to do it?

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With the changes to Idle RPM beeing higher, it is harder to bleed of speed. You have to plan a little more ahead. But this should be more accurate this way. If it still is to much for you just go into the engines.cfg in this mods file und edit this line:
n1_to_shaft_torque_table = 0:0, 70:0.25, 92:1, 100:1.1, 110:1.2 ; Corrected N1 -> Shaft Torque
to this:
n1_to_shaft_torque_table = 0:0, 70:0.20, 92:1, 100:1.1, 110:1.2 ; Corrected N1 -> Shaft Torque

regarding fuel issue i can´t do a accurate mod, simply because I have no original values to aim for.

Is the plane in MS FS using more or less fuel than I should be?

Oh, so the real 350i has automatic bank limiting?! Nice. I could easily change the height. Has someone the real life bank-angles of this baby?

Hi Jaydee, wo finde ichbdas File?.ich sehe den Beitrag bei Nexusnods,.aber wobist dr Downloadbutton?

Icj habebein Login bei Nexus, aber nicjtbals.Premium-Member.

Here is some testing I have done with the King Air
Target flight / engine parameters:
500 ft or less Sea Level Take off to FL 320 cruise to 500 ft or less Sea Level Landing
Weight: All Pilots/Passengers 200 lbs. 100% fuel at gate, generally 99% at takeoff.

Cruise: AS: 198 - 202 kts = TAS: 326 - 330 kts / N1: 83.5 - 85.5 | Fuel Flow: 49-53
Ascending and Descending: engine power was set to keep AS to about 190 kts at a 800fpm climb and 200 kts at a 1400 fpm decent:

Mixed low head/tailwinds: 0-10kts = range 1450 NM - 5% fuel left
Tailwind: 70-100kts = range 1980 NM - 18% fuel left (extended flight to alternate airport)
Headwind: 30-45kts = range 1130 NM - 3% fuel left (early diversion to alternate airport)

Given the King Air 350i is given a 312 TAS max cruise, I’m sure if I slowed down to listed Cruise Speed or slower, I could extend range to by 75-150 nm.

So range seems, slightly lesser than it should be. But don’t know how the parameter measurements are taken.

Yep, sure does. Half-Bank limits you to 15° when climbing above 18,500. Depicted with a little arc below the turn coordinator. I seem to recall normal bank is actually 29.5° or something odd along those lines, but would have to dig into the books. It may very well just be 30°, and obviously that is close enough. But I am positive half-bank is 15°.

https://www.nexusmods.com/microsoftflightsimulator/mods/277?tab=files Schau mal da. Sollte nichts mit Premium zu tun haben dürfen. LG JD

Ok, thanks a lot. Standard bank in MS FS for the King Air is 26 degrees. I will change the bank angels and activiation altitude and upload a new vesion on the weekend.

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Slightly lesser range with mod seems to be perfectly fitting into the changes I made. That means, that without mod the range would probably be fine. I will reduce overall fuel consumption slightly, so that the range should be extended by 5%.

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