Update not showing up

Tried to find where to get update in XB and all, nope no updates showing for me. As I have stated before, this is the most screwed up distribution method I have ever experienced. I have had it. Going to take ICON off taskbar, and give it a week. If it does not auto update then, done. It’s way too difficult to check here, and check there, and then got to this app, and check that, forget it. With Xplane it auto downloads and installs all updates as loading. IF Windows 11 turns out to be this bad, going to linux. Good by for now.

hoe kan ik een vraag stellen op dit platvorm ik kan alleen reageren anders niets

Hmmm, would have been nice if it had displayed in english, since I don’t speak or read your language. But thank you for responding to post.

Sometime today, the sim updated through the store automatically. Now got Will wonders never cease.

how can i ask a question on this platform i can only respond otherwise nothing

  1. Zendesk issue first.
  2. Check your profile on the forum and see if for somereason something is locked out?
  3. I have never had that issue, keeping my temper has been my most glaring concern. This thing frustrates me to no end.

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