Update on Complex Airliners

@Teddy1967 Well, it’s got an FMC, but now that the CRJ is actually released, it’s a plane that requires constant supervision (not unlike a room full of 5 year olds), so it may be something that suits your needs nicely. It’s not a plane you would ever want to put on autopilot and go to bed to resume your flight the next day, not only because of the required levels of supervision, but because it only holds enough fuel for about 3 hours of flying.

Which is fine, because that suits it’s mission just perfectly.

If you do try it (or already have), I’d be curious what your thoughts are.

@LuisArgerich, I think there are lots of people willing to spend that much, and more, for quality study level aircraft. Not all of them, mind you, as the money does add up after awhile, and there’s only so many you can keep in your noggin well enough to fly at any given moment (besides, many of them are near copies of each other, like the CRJ-700 and -500 variants).

As just one example, I’d happily pay $120 for a perfectly done 787 (even though there’s a 787 in the sim already, but it sux). And I’m unemployed and unemployable for medical reasons, and therefore damm near broke.

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