Update - Option Settings Change

Likely a well discussed issue - just completed 3rd flight since last week’s update - and (really) in middle of flight I notice significant changes in resolution, scenery, views, etc. Landed ok - cockpit views remain ok, but all external views - including front view thru windscreen - has all been revised. I park, shut down, go to settings - and everything has been changed. Guess answer is - we have to take screen shot of our Option Settings to keep a record of where we were ? Yikes. Know this was an issue with initial updates - but this time - caught me off-guard. Frustrating.

And, I really wish they would address the random / gibberish from tower / ground speaking “Microsoft, UPS, etc”… Enjoying flights - but this is like work - just keeping my setting straight…

Steam gone - time to 'cool the engine…

Do you use “Azure” or “Offline” ATC Text to Speech?
This only happens to me when I’m in offline.

Thanks ! I was on “offline” - had never touched that setting - basic - appreciate the guidance. Not sure the difference - but will research & give it a try… Thanks again for response !

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You will notice quite a difference.

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I’m in TBM (stock) w/paint job - only aircraft I use.

Wow - I was really missing out… Thanks again !

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