Update Patch eternal delay to play :(

Hello, I am already on the fourth day trying to update patch
I am puzzled as I have 10Mb and do not see the download go from 2 to 3Mb.
I also see the message "[XX%] Downloading pc-fs-bigfiles-0.1.63.fspatch … and below the bar it shows that it is downloading but it always seems to be the same file. I have not been able to play with the simulator for 4 days for this bad idea of ​​updating BEFORE starting a game. I don’t know if it’s always freeze in the same file (it doesn’t say anything, always the same name, it just slowly changes the percentage and then at some point when I look at it you can see that it started again or is it downloading another part (since in the file name it ends with a three dots (…) I don’t know if it’s -01, -02, -5000 … there is no hint of that.
I do not understand how they do not do as in Windows that downloads little by little and when it is ready it installs in a couple of minutes, it is ridiculous that the user has to wait for a whole download AND WHAT A HUGE DOWNLOAD SIZE FOR A PATCH! !! blocking you from using the program. I should not wait for the program to want to work, the program MUST WORK when I want to use it.
Could someone from the community tell me where they are saving these downloads that they do to see if they are hanging in the same file over and over again or are they different parts?
Where I live we do not have high speeds (like a friend of mine in Spain who told me that it has 600 megabytes) but even if it had more speed it does not exceed the values ​​that I put above.
And this happens ONLY with MSFS, since if I download from other places the speed is 10Mb, or 8 … but never 2 or less like here.
I am VERY FRUSTRATED with this modus operandi of updates. I think that the game has been released too early and users are going to pay the consequences.
The only way I can use the program again is to cut my internet connection and play without photogrammetry. It is not even fair, because it is not a program that is worth a few pennies, I have bought the most complete edition with much sacrifice and I am practically unable to use it.
And i read some others users was say after update the game play worst.
Please someone help me finish this fatefully huge update.
Thank you very much

Since a new patch coming tomorrow maybe try disconnect internet cable and when you reach the start screen put it back in. Not sure why some have download issues. When I first brought it I returned it the same day. The next day I realized as a developer this is new and problems will get fixed. I am not on a wireless network because it seems a wired network is more reliable. My settings are set to unlimited and I have download 160GB on day. being a programmer, I except over the next 6 months things will get better. P3D 4 went through a time period before it got solid and P3D 5 still has issues after patch 2. I have the smaller planes working pretty well. I don’t care for jets so maybe that is helping.

Try the disconnect when starting fs 2020 then put it back in when you see the globe, hopefully that gets u in the air. Used Speedof.me to test your internet speed, it’s pretty good

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