Update presumably required but not available

OK …finally got it working. I had to re-install the joystick. It still came up with everything reversed so I did as you suggested and inverted them all. Took a flight in AU around Sydney in an Icon and toured the shoreline on the water while checking out all the controls, then took off and landed at YSSY.
In-flight as well as on runways or water, I keep loosing the Throttle which comes back after clicking the mouse almost anywhere. Then on landing I have no brakes until clicking the mouse somewhere. I just keep losing inputs as there seems to be an intermittant conflict between the mouse and the joystick with the mouse seeming to override the joystick totally after each time it is used. I can work around it at least now but it is a horrible way of doing things. I have nobody but Asobo to thank for this misery because everything did work prior to them linking the program to Xbox. At this rate I’m not at all sure I’ll ever really enjoy the Sim again unless they correct these things, but since Zendesk doesn’t respond I doubt the issue will ever even be considered. Anyway thanks for all your help. At least I can do some limited flying again.

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Is this thread the same issue you are having with the mouse?

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