Update Process should be changed

Hello Simmers,

there are many problems with new updates, as you can see for the actual update and, which makes the sim unusable (CTD).
I use the simulator mainly on weekends, so updates should not be rolled out shortly before the weekend in order to fix problems before.

There should also be the possibility to postpone the update to a later date.
The Flightsimulator should remain playable in the currently installed version.

During an update there are large amounts of data to download. To avoid problems with the download, it should be possible to make the update available as an executable file and the download should also be possible with a 3rd-party download manager or an internet browser.

What do you think about?


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nah. Having people on different versions of the sim will make bughunting only a bigger nightmare.


Sensible suggestions Tim. I haven’t had any problems, but many have.