Update RAM from 32 to 64gb

I have i9 10900k
Nvidea gtx2080ti
32 gb ram
I have everthing to ultra and has about 45 fos in normal airports and 32 in big coties like new york or madrid.
The question is if update the RAM from 32 to 64 gb will improve performance


No, I just did that a couple weeks ago 32gb to 64gb. Didn’t help FPS or any improvements at all because the game doesnt use that much RAM.


Wait for the 3080 or 3090 and you’ll probably get a lot more FPS…hopefully.

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I doubt it - I have 32GB and in dev mode the sim is barely cracking into the total available.

Upgrading to faster clocked RAM might help but I don’t know if that’s been tested yet.

@IcedLeaf1377528 Keep in mind too this is not a shooter so 60-100 frames is not required. Simulators focus on smoothness of frames rather than high frame rates. If you’re getting 45 that is fine as long as it is smooth without stuttering. Probably higher than most. This sim is designed for future HW as well so Ultra settings are gonna be unattainable for alot of people.

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Unless you are actually having issues with running out of ram increasing most likely will not help your performance any.

Ram speed might depending on your cpu. Then new ryzen cpus run a bit better with 3600 speed ram. If it will be enough of a difference to matter is hard to say. I have 64gb of ram at 3200 and it runs fine for me. I do other things with my computer besides play FS though.

Sure that is an idea, but don’t expect much. In general the problem is CPU and GPU. I have 64 GB in my games box and FS only use on average like 12 GB.

You may want to get FASTER ram, like if you have 16 GB @ 2400 mhz, upgrading to 32 GB @ 3200 mhz will give you a slight performance improvement, and as it fills up to the 12 GB it does not need to utilize swap on disk as much.

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The most I have seen MSFS use is 18-19gb…so 32 is enough.

Now VRAM is another story…with my current config…it is eating up just about every bit of the 8gb.


it shouldnt make any difference, even running mine at 5120x1440 on ultra and with LOD set to 600 in user.ini fille (3x normal setting) it only pushes 11Gbvram and 22Gb system ram

What’s your RAM clocked at? The Ryzen platform is heavily dependent on high clock speeds (3200+ MHz) for performance

more than 32 gb ram cant be adressed by the sim

Really? That’s interesting. Where did you get that info?

do u know one game which can adress more than 32 gb ram?

I can vouch for 64GB not improving performance. 32GB is fine.

As far as I’m aware, the only use for over 32GB RAM would be for pro-level software, like image/video processing and audio production, or if you’re running multiple virtual machines. I’ve never needed more than 32GB RAM, even when working with an 80-track audio project.

Yep. Video and professional audio production (radio station or recording studio) might benefit from 64 GB RAM.

I’ve not seen Flight Sim need more than 16 GB so far, but it’s nice to have headroom.

Pro level software, some heavily, (heavily), modded games that make use of the Unity engine, and some scientific endeavors are the only software that I’ve ever encountered where 32Gb isn’t ample.

I modded Kerbal Space Program to use more at one point, but that was a badly designed game in terms of memory usage. It loads everything into memory at startup, even if what’s in memory is never used in the actual game session. That means throwing a ton of parts mods, or texture packs into it means all of it just loads into memory at startup, and sits there the whole time the program runs.

The vast majority of programs in the “games” category never need more than 32Gb. It’s not that they can’t use more necessarily, but rather that they simply don’t need it. In the future, games that need more will probably actually be created, but right now they aren’t really a thing yet.

That’s not to say having more isn’t useful in some situations. If you like having a bunch of browser windows open while you fly, or other such multitasking, 64Gb can be useful. You’re not likely to need that much just running “stock MSFS” by itself though. Possibly one day, if you’re also running a bunch of 3rd party add-ons in concert, like weather engines and such, but not just MSFS by itself in most cases.

I did manage to push the sim to close to 30Gb on a few occasions, but that involved modifications to actual files to go beyond what the in-game settings allow, and my program/system became unstable, and the experience rather poor FPS wise before that point was reached.

32 GB will be enough even on Ultra/4k.
Until you are solving your LOD issues as i am doing currently as described in this holy halls with the changes to the “userconfig” file. With an increased level of detail of 6 and above my 32 GB aren’t enough…

So maybe for the ULTRA+ experience it could be relevant. :blue_heart:

maybe a better idea to upograde HDD or SSD to M.2 or PCIx4 NMVe SSD
being Intel Optane still too expensive !

yes, obviously