Update RAM from 32 to 64gb

An increase in RAM at that level won’t make you get any higher FPS, It won’t hurt though, especially for future proofing in other areas.

I have an i-9 7980X with 64 Gb RAM and a 2080 Super OC.

My frames are pretty acceptable at around 25-40 with just about everything on Ultra.

Yesterday I ordered a second 2080 to use the new NVLink. And from what I have seen on comparisons of performance…I should see a significant jump in performance.

I will let you all know when setup and flying!


I insist that microsoft should make the game to use more processor.my i9 10900 k it works around 30%

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Sure, MSFS can and will use more than 32GB Ram if you run high resolutions and also higher LOD settings trough the userconfig.opt file.

And of course it can adress more than 32GB and it will if you push it.
What you say is, sorry, absolutely wrong.


if your graphics card can’t keep up (i.e. it’s running at 90-99%), you can’t utilize more of the CPU, the GPU needs to be able to output it.

How much of your ram are you using now when in-game? Mine is using, at max, maybe 40% of my 24mb ram, including gpu virtual usage.

Fron my 32Gb only 14 are used…
More RAM will not increase f/s anyway…

No, in order to increase your performance, the graphics card is more important.

It’s a completely useless upgrade is all you care for is gaming. It won’t make any difference. More RAM is useful only when your workload actually uses it. When in doubt, check your RAM usage.

Anything over 32Gb is a waste of money, this ia a simulation/game and you are not doing any xtreme graphics design or editing. :astonished:

I have 64gb, if I bring the LOD up to 5 in the cfg file, it can eat up more than 32gb.


Ok i didn’t think it would be worthwhile and expected no improvement adding another 32gb ram(64gbtotal).
I was fully prepared for it to be a waste of money but can’t believe the difference it has made for me on same settings as before upgrade i have gained around 5 to 9 fps but even better I was able to move the terrain and object level of detail sliders up from 100 to 200 and still able to get equal or better fps than before. All compared in same conditions all live traffic and weather off before and after. Am now able to move the render scale up 10 in area’s out side populated series. Not only that it has pretty much illuminated stutter. I think the thing that made the change was using a larger Ram cache of 25gb’s to make use of the spare ram. Would love to see if has the same effect for other people. running I9-9900k RTX 2070 both OC’d with now 64gb ram and nvme samsung evo plus m.2 ssd drive for the sim. 72mbps download 17 upload net. run it close to full 4k as well.
Unfortunately I didn’t get before screenshots but here is a couple from after ram increase:

Before in London I would hover around 28/29 fps with render scaling 10 lower at 80 and terrain and object detail sliders at 100.

Same render scaling as before ram upgrade but with terrain and objects detail slider at 200 instead
would only see 30 in same place at EGLC airport

Stutters have almost disappeared from my sim now. a lot better experience.


Ha Ha. Wonder what all the people who told you its was a waste of time and money will say with your before and after results? Filling up all four DIMM slots can be beneficial. And you can NEVER have too much RAM. Good job buddy.


To be totally honest I thought it wouldn’t improve anything but I stand corrected. The pics above aren’t before and after pics, 2nd pic I turned the render scaling back to 80 where had it before ram increase to see what fps it would hit, I didn’t turn the objects and terrain level of detail slider back down to 100 though.

I should have got before pics to show people but couldn’t be bothered to start the pc up and the sim. But I have flown in 3 areas that I have regularly used before and no what I was getting before.
Even in Paris with the Orbx Paris add-on I get smooth performance now before it was a stutter fest.

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I have 128 GB DDR4-3200 yet MSFS uses enough to warrant no more than 32. If you want more then go for it, otherwise not required.

Have you tried setting a RAM cache I set it at 25gbs using the Ramcache III app as I think this is what made the difference see top left in my screenshot at ram usage.

I have not checked that one out yet.

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If you do would love to know if it made any difference for you. Should add I have the rolling cache turned off in the sim menu. Either way I’m happy as has definitely made a difference on my pc and not just in the sim.

Ah, I do use rolling cache because of its benefits… or at least presumed.

I don’t know if it will effect anything or not being on or off.