Update: Savage Carbon - STOL Realism Mod (v1.2.4 / Feb 23)

Morning guys…at work so a few quick ones:

  • Github: I wanted to get the project on there as well but unfortunately that’s not possible as one of the files (sound) is larger than 100MB, which is a Github restriction. So that was that for Github and I went to Mega, uploading the whole project as a ZIP.
  • Yaw: This is going to be more sensitive / obvious / realistic (take your pick :slight_smile: ) in the coming update (this weekend!). For now you may have noticed that during takeoff sometimes it’s left…sometimes right. That’s the wind. A light tail dragger like this is easily affected by it. Crosswinds of more than a few knots will and should be a challenge. If you find it very hard to control yaw I suggest to lower the sensitivity of your rudder axis to give you finer control.
  • Shock Ultra 915 mod: Not possible currently as all premium aircraft are locked for modification. There is a petition doing the rounds to open such aircraft to modders however…so there is always hope.
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My house and aerie in Lesotho.

You can take off dead stick by rolling down the hill ahead and starting the engine whilst flying down the valley.

Turn left at the next junction and make your way to Matekane.Dont forget to set some crosswinds.

Love it. Thanks Gotgravel.


That’s a nice piece of real estate you got there!

Taking my cue from Trent Palmer. :sunglasses:

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Oh yeah, I can’t wait to get this new update on the ArkanSTOL course. The turning should be a huge help there.

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Go get her now, and have a blast!

DOWNLOAD (V1.0.3 / NOV 6)


Changelog v1.0.3:

  • Added 5 more liveries (purple, teal, black, batman and zebra), bringing the total to 11.
  • More realistic oil temperature and pressure gauge simulation
  • Much improved ground handling
  • Much improved CG (even harder to nose-dip now…unless you don’t apply stick back pressure)
  • More powerful pneumatic brakes
  • Ground effect (added)
  • Gyroscopic precession effect (stronger effect)
  • P-Factor (stronger effect)
  • Torque (stronger effect)
  • Weather Vaning (added)
  • Adverse Yaw (added…but FS2020 does not do this very well yet)
  • Propwash (stronger effect)

Hi. Thanks for the response. I’ll try lowering the rudder sensitivity as suggested. Do I understand that this yaw will be reduced after the update?

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As always, I’ll be hearing all your feedback. I have been making careful improvements this time as we liked the plane as it was. However, the yaw was just too “stiff”.

So if I overdid some force or effect in v1.0.3, or it’s still not strong enough, just let me know!

In your feedback do keep in mind this plane is super light (empty 1111lbs / 504kg) and has 141HP. So even if you fly a plane for real this will be different. VERY different. Forces will be more pronounced (especially P-Factor, Torque, Propwash etc) and any crosswind a challenge.

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The yaw reduced? The opposite in fact, it’s more “lose” now … and hopefully a lot more realistic. You need to break a sweat in this plane during takeoff, just like in a real tail dragger! But no worries, once you got the sensitivity sorted on your yaw axes, and with a bit of practice, you’ll be fine.

The other solution is to blast of with full power (hold brakes and release once you max rpm) and pump full flaps. You’ll be launched in the air so fast you’ll have no chance to veer of the runway :wink:


I get that too. Got gravel says wind is a big factor. I’m not sure if the next update will reduce the effect as I don’t 100% understand what he is suggesting by reducing the ‘stiffness’ of the yaw. He says will make more realistic, but does that mean like other ‘normal’ craft (thus reduced) or more realistic for a super light powered craft (thus increased)

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Thankyou very much for you help. I’m loving the aeroplane despite my take off challenge - it’s a learning curve :+1:

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Just to share, this is the sensitivity setup I use. It’s different for everyone of course, depending on your equipment and preferences, but still…good to know. Using a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro myself. A more than adequate and highly affordable joystick.

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What is that problem ?

“The Bat” dropping by for a coffee. Anybody home? :slight_smile:


You guys are talking about the “too easy” nose dips. That’s solved now in v1.0.3…the engine was located 20cm too much forward and 10cm too much upward. Gravity did the rest :wink:

The problem no longer exists. The issue was when you hit the brakes, it wanted to lean over and dig the prop into the ground. It was fixed same day in 1.0.2, but it sounds like it’s been further improved in 1.0.3.

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So much so I was able to add 50% more brake power on the mains in v1.0.3. It really feels awesome now on a 30kts (or less) touch down, with the brakes prepped. Fasten your seatbelts!

That’s awesome. Is 1.0.3 released yet?

Edit: NM, I see that it is…for some reason I thought it was only a preview. Installing now.

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Yup it’s out! Scroll up a little, or go for the 1st post.

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I thougt it was a real feature of that kind of planes, with one seat behind the pilot and luggage space in the back, that the only way to allow using full brakes was putting weight behind.

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