Update to Short SC.7 Skyvan (2024-07-02)

A new update for Local Legend 16: Short SC.7 Skyvan is now available from the in-sim Content Manager. Please see the release notes below:

Short Skyvan v1.0.9

  • Fixed - [ART][SKYDIVE] Cabin windows become opaque at LOD0.
  • Fixed - [SOUND] Yoke hide/unhide sound plays when switching views in Cockpit Camera.
  • Fixed - [SYS] GNS CDI button does not change GPS/VLOC indication & missing sound.
  • Fixed - Coloring in cockpit incorrect.
  • Fixed - Checklist does not match fuel selector.
  • Fixed - Generator switches are 2 position instead of 3.
  • Fixed - When AP is on it triggers audio playing on and off repeatedly.
  • Fixed - Fuel valve starts in off position when a flight starts on approach to an airport.
  • Fixed - Pitch Trim set to -88% after using the “Back to Fly” feature while on the ground.
  • Fixed - Attitude Flag not dropping down once power is cut.
  • Fixed - Autopilot Capture and GS modes cannot be toggled on.
  • Fixed - Turn Indicator doesn’t show a standard rate turn–off by about 1 degree/sec.
  • Fixed - Aircraft rolls left / right when flying the ILS.
  • Fixed - Cargo door frame / spar visible in External view while it closes.
  • Fixed - Light from beacon atop fuselage bleeding into bay / cabin.
  • Fixed - Description of Power Levers item in After Engine Start checklist appears to be inaccurate.
  • Fixed - Heading bug resets to current heading when HDG button on autopilot panel is pressed.
  • Fixed - Quick Views are not properly set up–positions and orientations are wrong.
  • Fixed - Typo on two of the Airliner liveries–“Shorts” instead of “Short”.
  • Fixed - Surveyor’s data screens has URL for active website.
  • Fixed - Hangar description is untranslated in several languages.
  • Fixed - Autopilot intermittently engaging.
  • Added - DME panel for all classic cockpit variants.
  • Fixed - Turn Indicator doesn’t show a standard rate turn-off by about 1 degree/sec.
  • Fixed - Right Engine is not reacting to Engine Autostop key shortcut.
  • Fixed - Unable to shut down Engine 2 with Starter Stop Switch.
  • Fixed - There is a gap in the interior model of Surveyor type.
  • Fixed - Windshield wiper switch has wrong positions.
  • Fixed - Engine intake anti-icing switch gauge not changing.
  • Fixed - Engine instruments focus button is wrong.
  • Fixed - Ignition checklist word misspelled.
  • Fixed - Newly added DME default to the OFF position when starting from runway or midair.
  • Fixed - Camera view clips through the floor of the Skyvan cabin causing outside to be visible.
  • Fixed - Loc missing translation for some strings in German and Dutch.