Update Tomorrow

Is there suppose to be an update 10/8?

Sooner or later there going to release one that fixes a few things. Every dog finds a bone now and then.


Just a SDk and 3rd party update according to development roadmap next game update is planned for the 15th of October.


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No one knows… it’s a guessing game every Thursday.

I think its the development update. I.e. they show up the list of stuff that they hope they’ll fix without breaking other parts of the game. The download should be next Wednesday/Thursday

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The updates that appear on the Development Roadmap are only updates to progress and plans. They are not dates for when Patches are due to be released.

Usually during these updates the developers provide more details of what is expected to be covered in the next patch with an indicator of when the patch is expected to be released.

hope there will be an update, now i can not even start the game, it is showing loading forever…

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Im hoping for a patch, my friend too, we both noticed downgrade and lot of crashes after japan update and I love this game and wish Asobo the best in fixing things up!


Ah well, since Asobo is so great at communicating and since they said in the Q&A (Jorg Neumann, 35:10 ish) that they read the forums every day then someone in Asobo’s awesome communications dept will be on the case and will be posting a full update on when we can expect bug fixes very shortly.

And if you believe that, I’ve got a bridge to sell you…


Even a blind.chicken finds seeds…