[UPDATE v 1.2.6] Vessels: Global Shipping | Seafront Simulations

Hi All,

Yesterday we released version 1.2.6 of Vessels: Global Shipping. This features 9 new models plus fixes and improvements to routes to create more movement and reduce some extended loitering time. More details together with some hints and tips are here:


We’re pleased to say that most of the early issues users experienced have been resolved by HF2.

In the meantime here are a couple of shots of the newly expanded ‘fleet’ and a sample of the routes in various areas. The next update will focus more on the routes and further increasing volume of traffic itself (but more models will be coming too).

In the meantime thanks all and stay safe,

Seafront Simulations


Vessels: Global Shipping has been released to the MSFS store for PC (Xbox users see below) and now benefits from the wake upgrades released with Vessels: Enhanced AI v 1.3.0

Vessels: Global Shipping will itself receive updates in the future including added variety, routes, route improvements and traffic volume.

XBOX ISSUES UPDATE: 14th October 2021

As noted in our last update we are currently waiting on assistance from Asobo to help diagnose the issues affecting the Xbox releases of Enhanced AI and Global Shipping.

We now suspect that the ‘wanderboat’ AI boat traffic technology that exists in the PC version of MSFS has been disabled or is broken in Xbox. The leisure boat slider on Xbox seems to have no affect. We together with MS are waiting on a response from Asobo for its reintroduction. We don’t know whether its removal is intentional or accidental at this stage.

In the meantime we have built a few different versions of Enhanced AI and Global Shipping that may help resolve the issues with Global Shipping on Xbox but there is currently no guarantee of it. These have gone to MS this week for testing, but we have to bear in mind both Microsoft and Asobo will be busy prioritising SU6.

Affected Users are now able to request refunds for Enhanced AI and Global Shipping see post here (Seafront's Global Shipping on Xbox - #79) - The Zendesk and Community team are aware. We are told this will not affect your ability to re-purchase once a fix is released.

Please message @SeedyL3205 and @Jummivana once your refund ticket is created and they will be able to assist.

We will continue to keep you updated as and when we know more. We are doing what we can to get these to Xbox. As always, thanks for your continued patience.