[UPDATE v 1.6.0] Vessels: Enhanced AI | Seafront Simulations

Enhanced AI update v1.6.0 is now available for PC.

This update adds new wakes to the larger ships and removes the models that are no longer required by Vessels: Global Shipping (which now has a dependency on the Vessels Core Library instead of Enhanced AI).

Enhanced AI v1.6.0 RELEASE NOTES

XBOX ISSUES UPDATE: 22nd January 2022

As a result of the investigation into issues affecting Global Shipping we now know why Enhanced AI may have stopped working too. However, as Enhanced AI relies on the inbuilt ‘wanderboat’ technology to work, we are wholly reliant on Asobo fixing this. There’s no indication as to whether this is going to be fixed by Asobo.

** Please submit a Zendesk ticket. Once you have a Zendesk ticket created, please send a private message to both @SeedyL3205 and @Jummivana listing both your ticket number and your Gamertag and they will follow up with support. We are told this will not affect your ability to re-purchase if and when a fix is released.**

We will continue to keep you updated as and when we know more.


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