Update v1.1 released! BN2 Islander available now from Blackbox Simulation

JUST delete the folder - blackboxsimulation-bn2-islander from community and contents therof

thanks muchly …

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How are we suppose to download the update? In my profile I have the license for the aircraft but there is no download link.


your Profile ?
Please explain

With my profile I mean in this webpage:


There is where my serial number appears but there’s no download link for the aircraft. There is only one button that says manage and actually appears like I haver never activated my product.

Times used: 0 of 2 (2 Remaining) Last Activated : never

BN2 ISLANDER V1.1 Changelog

		CHANGED - Loadstations remorked for Individual seat positions

		CHANGED - Yoke Visibility Switches removed and remapped to Yoke Boss

		ADDED - PaintKit supplied via [Blackbox Website]

				TXPDR - #4 dial reversed 
		FIXED - TXPRD - stdby. ident knob etc 
				TXPDR - code now accepted by ATC  

		FIXED - flashing glass around storm window and sunblinds

		FIXED - spurious "TO" marks from quadrant
		CHANGED - Reworked ASI SCale and Markers
		CHANGED - Altimeters now "Dual Scale" Baro reads in MB and InHg
		ADDED - Independant Baro adjustmenert for main and backup Altimeters

		FIXED - Normal Operating Airspeed on placard
		FIXED - OAT Gauge remmapped and tuned

		ADDED - Cameras CFG reworked
		ADDED - working HOBBS gauge
		FIXED - smoothed nose polys

		FIXED - dials Emissive texture mismatch fixed
		ADDED - ATC VOICE Aircraft Type fixed Now says "Britten Norman Islander"
		FIXED - missing TBI Ball
		ADDED - Curly cable animation
		FIXED - DME fully working independantly tunable kn62 on NAV 3
		ADDED - Icing effects
		FIXED - GNS530 unit is now on Avionics Master
		FIXED - squared gauge holes on backup panel smoothed
		ADDED - Windshield De Icing 
		ADDED - Automatic Baro setting on Sim load
		FIXED - rudder trim now fully operable
		FIXED - Clock hour hand
		IMPROVED - Prop Inertia 
		Improved - Adverse Roll with Rudder / Trim 
		Changed - Parking Codes,  now only "RAMP"

Prop feathering - Will follow when ASOBO / SDK Allows for proper implementation

Sounds - wwise technician reqd - Will replace current sound set as soon as possible


Sir this Profile and Activation system is for FSX / P3D Product only …
there is No connection with MSFS and no need to activate Your MSFS Products…

Your Download can be accessed via the Original or any future Update email we send you
ok ?

we will be editing the BBS Website download page to make it clear that some processes are not required for MSFS


Ok I just received the email. Nice that you send directly the download link to the mail. Thanks a lot!

Best Regards

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This plane is absolutely terrific if you like “bush” fllying or island hopping to small airports. The textures are not up to ASOBO/Carenado standards, but still very good.

I bought the L19 very soon after release, and it was a bit of a mess, but constant fixes have made it a very enjoyable plane, albeit with a lot of competition in my fleet, like all of the Cubs modified and stock, and the ASOBO Cessnas, even the Just Flight Arrow III.

The Islander is unique, a largish twin with very low stall speed and decent avionics capable of landing almost any runway. Maybe Aerosoft’s Twin Otter will be a good comp in the future, but for now there is nothing.

My advice (and it seems everyone who has actually bought one or more of Blackbox’s MSFS products) is if you want a plane like this, you will not regret buying this one.


It is funny really, but as a complete fan of the JF Arrow, I was really looking forward to that. On Wednesday night, I got the old itch and purchased the Islander. No real time to fly it until today though. Yesterday, JF released the Arrow III/IV Turbo and after an hour in the IV, and 2 hours in the Islander, can you guess which one has given the biggest smile? there is a lot of character in the Islander and a lot in the Arrow too, but that big twin gets my vote, which I can’t believe that I am saying. After removing my goggles and silk scarf, I now get an email saying that it has been improved. I was hoping for a good weekend…


ha ha Love it Magic :slight_smile:
Happy hopping


Thanks for the update. Picked up the instruction here to delete the previous install from the ‘Community’ folder and then install the updated version. Might be worth putting this simple instruction into the download page, going forward?


Hi Thanks so much for the patch My fuel flow gauges now work correctly along with many other improvements.
Best wishes


got the update E-Mail and have installed. Will test later the new version of the plane.

Thank you really having so much fun !!! can’t wait to fly this evening !!

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Love this plane. It is fun!

Wow, mega update weekend! Aerosoft, then Just flight, and now the Islander. Happy Memorial Day weekend everybody!

I read you want to change sounds in the future. May I ask what in particular ?
I love the motor sounds and don’t want them changed, just sayin…

Not the sound of the sounds … Their Implementation


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It’s a strawman.