Update v1.2 released! BN2 Islander available now from Blackbox Simulation

Brand new Model and systems created especially for MSFS 2020 !
Details to follow


No idea what the plane is (because I don’t know about this stuff and you don’t say), but it looks like the island hopper I’ve been waiting for. Interesting.

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Excellent choice! Can’t wait for the release.

The Ultimate Island hopper … Britten Norman BN2A Islander !



:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: Bravo!

Yep. I am buying this one.


Put simply… I cannot wait!

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A definite buy for me. Right up my street. Pair this with a Twin Otter and I’ll be sorted.


I was wondering just a while ago about the progress of this!
Thx for the heads up!

Islanders don’t make progress. They just make noise! :wink:

Just kidding. Looking very good. May well end up in my hanger.


This will be Day 1 purchase for me.


How long do we have to wait? I love this plane. Was my favorite in FSX by Flight1 software.

Love this plane! Looking forward to it - hopefully get some more aged liveries/interiors. Does anyone know anything about Blackbox? Some of the releases lately have caused me to er on the side of caution in terms of visual fidelity (not a problem in this case) and flight model/performance/sounds. We desperately need some more solid releases and I am hoping this will be one of them!

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Haha! At least they can land just about anywhere reasonably flat.

BlackBox is solid - they have consistently improved the Bird Dog for MSFS since its release. Graham listens to feedback and incorporates whatever changes he can. They have earned my trust. There were issues at release, but they have been remedied. I also think he learned a lot since his first aircraft for MSFS in terms of what the market expects.


This is what I wanted to hear, especially from someone who gives honest reviews of pretty much everything released! Cheers.


This is reassuring to hear. Once burned (not by Blackbox)… I’ll still wait for initial reviews, but this looks like a ‘must-have’ for me. Right up my street.

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Count me in!

Here’s hoping for some private liveries to go with this one…please, please, please! :grinning:

Show me a livery… “CLEARLY” and I will try to include it

Day 1 buy for me too. Flew this around the Caribbean a lot in XP.