Update v1.2 released! BN2 Islander available now from Blackbox Simulation

Someone just suggested that I might have the co pilot turned on which is what had happened. Funny that I never touched anything…anyhow sorry for any confusion. I love the Islander, it is my go to aircraft.

I think since SU5, some copilot stuff is activated by default.

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Yes it is important when Updating to
a) Empty your community folder ( move out, copy back later )
b) Check ALL Key and controller assignments
c) Check all options such as Modern Flight Model, Ai and Co Pilot assistance
d) Your sanity in general :wink:


Welp I think I’m going to just have to rebuy the plane from black box directly. Like everyone else, been waiting and lost faith in the marketplace on many things now. My 2 favorite airports I’m probably going to have to rebuy as well one day.
I’ll buy it tonight and get the new plane today and give it some fun test flights and let you guys know how it goes. It’s unbelievable how the marketplace works.


Has anyone noticed that the whiskey compass has the card reversed, left to right?


seems to be fine here ,.,. Screenshot ?

Original Airpath Compass (AIRPATH C2400 INNER CASE | Aircraft Spruce Canada)

Not entirely sure what “Pilatus Britten Normal” stands for either… :wink:

Edit: Sorry, this is the clean textures mod… :blush:

Artistic licence :slight_smile:
But Mine says NORMAN ??

Might I suggest you have a “modded” Version ?

and The compass works just fine I find ?
Yes the direction is reversed compared to the 152 BUT it still reads accurateley
However I can reverse the direction in the next Update

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Yes please! Once you notice it, it is very distracting… :wink:

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Perfect for island hopping.

You are right… this is the “Clean cockpit textures”… my bad…

Nevertheless, changing the compass direction would be great!

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Is there any chance the outside engine noise could be quieter?

There seem to be huge differences in audio levels, even without headphone simulation.

NOT in an Islander no :slight_smile:


Already Noted thanks

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I know it’s engines are noisy, but I mean the difference in audio levels.

If I have my headphones adjusted just right from inside the cockpit, from the outside it’s loud enough to cause hearing damage long term.

Do we need to simulate it that accurately? I’m not even joking, it’s so much louder outside that i either have to take my headphones off, or lower the volume down so much inside the cockpit I can barely hear ATC.

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er …


I’m glad you take potential hearing loss so seriously. I’ll find a way to edit the audio files myself in that case.

It’s a shame the sim allows you to lower engine noise, but it only works inside the cockpit, not an external view as well. I believe that had been requested elsewhere.


In real life I wore ear defenders on the airfield whilst servicing aircraft. I personallly like the in game aircraft to be loud, this adds to the immersion.