Update v1.2 released! BN2 Islander available now from Blackbox Simulation

Ah man, don’t let any Channel Islanders of a certain age hear you calling Joey ugly! He’s a local hero.


A skydiving variant of the BN2 Islander with a bare interior and no side door would also be great :slight_smile: not asking for much I know!


Not sure if ugly is the only word… Very intriguing looking aircraft for sure!
Met an old fella up north here in Aus… quite a long time ago now… that flew the Trislander back in the day, well before I was even around… Had a couple of folded up photographs in his wallet. Such a cool looking aircraft in my mind. I hadn’t seen anything quite like it before or since.
Would definitley love to see one in the sim to have a fly around the top end!
I hope you do possibly create it in the future thats for sure! :wink:


Yes I’d second (or third) that. Would love to have the pair of them in the hangar…

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Hey Blackbox. What is the easiest way to check on availability info
for the BN-2? I don’t see any reference on your web site under “under development”.

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Watch this space basically … And also our Social Media . .
we are Literally “DAYS” From release now … just the final few tweaks and issues the testers are nit picking over :slight_smile:

So Available from BBS Website first ( Links will be posted )
And then Marketplace as soon as our team there can get it posted
meanwhile … here are a few teasers :wink:


This will definately be a “first minute buy”.

I am really hoping for a 1080-Sound, which should be available with 2 540-Lycoming installed :wink:

The Youtube-videos i watched after your first posting about the BN2 showed a really noisy plane !

Although i fly and enjoy the Seminole and the Seneca very much, the sound of both is way too clean and powerless FOR ME… ( and to be honest, this is true for the Bird-Dog too )




The BN2 Islander doesnt make progress… it makes NOISE !


it does with a stiff tailwind

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one of the few Aircraft that takes birdstrikes in the REAR END ! :slight_smile:


Love it. If the quality of your recent Cessna L-19 ‘Bird Dog’ is anything to go by (excellent inside and out) I think we’re in for a treat. I hope so - because this is exactly the kind of island-hopper I have been waiting for.

For the experts: Did any of these ever operate in SE Asia?


Looking forward to this, if you remember my review then you know I loved the Bird Dog.

This is already looking great, very excited!


I have purchased an Islander in FSE and am ready for flight!! Bring it on! I am excited for this one!

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I can’t take much more of this…. Please release it soon!! :sob::sob:

Patience! Everything comes to he who waits. :slight_smile:


See the operators list at the end Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander - Wikipedia

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Like haemorrhoids :slight_smile:

Wow. Looks like it was (and still is) operated all over - plenty of places I didn’t expect (Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia…). Gonna be fun tracking down images of those liveries - in the hope Blackbox makes a paint kit available!

Thank you for that link! :+1:

that looks so unsafe! I love it!


I too would like the option to get rid of the gps on the panel. If nothing more than to make it look more “original”.