[UPDATE v1.4.2 Rev 2] Multiplayer Model Matching (M3) | M3 Team

[v1.4.2 Rev 2 Release Notes]
This release does not need to be downloaded if you already have M3. This update includes additional Source Aircraft not included in v1.4.1 Rev 1. If you already have v1.4.2, you can download the latest Source Aircraft file using this link and use the Source Aircraft import feature within M3 to import:

Multiplayer Model Matching (M3) is a freeware configuration utility app for MSFS that offers two major features. (1) First, it generates a single package of small aircraft configuration files which, when placed in the Community folder, redirects multiplayer aircraft models you DON’T have installed to similar ones you DO have installed. (2) Second, it updates the MSFS ICAO Aircraft Designator database to include all necessary ICAO designators. This allows you to see an aircraft you own, or a closely matched aircraft, even if you don’t have the livery installed!

M3 is available to download here: flightsim.to

Objective: Eliminate or reduce the number of multiplayer generic aircraft you see while playing MSFS. Overall, M3 should provide a vastly improved multiplayer experience!

Extract the folder “MMM_V1_4_2” into a location of your choice and run MultiplayerModelMatching.exe. Make sure to read the M3 User Guide for detailed instructions how to use the app.

First steps for using M3:

  1. Review the list of Source Aircraft
  2. Enable Target Matching for those aircraft you don’t have installed
  3. Generate the Package
  4. Copy Package into the Community Folder
  5. Start MSFS

M3 should eliminate at least 90% of the generic multiplayer aircraft seen while playing MSFS. You’ll still see generic aircraft sometimes due to MSFS’s inherent multiplayer issues which M3 will not be able to address. Also, it’s important that M3 is configured correctly to reduce the likelihood of seeing generic multiplayer aircraft.


M3 is FREEWARE and only available for download at flightsim.to. Donations are appreciated!
Redistribution of this addon is EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN.

Huge shout-out to all of our Beta testers and those who provided direct feedback over the course of development. This product would not have been realized without the help of many dedicated MSFS users!