[UPDATE v2.0] EGAC-Belfast City Airport

Belfast City Airport is right on the shore line of Belfast Lough, close to the city centre. It features a beautiful approach over the city of Belfast from one side and the lough from the other. This add-on gives the procedurally default MSFS airport a big overhaul and makes it a much more fun place to fly in and out of. Extensive work has been done to the taxiways and apron and, more importantly, now gives full ground services to medium sized airliners. (I wouldn’t recommend taking any heavies onto the taxiways- assuming you stop in time!)

For more detailed information and to obtain it for free head to:


There has been a major update to this airport in Version 2.0 in partnership with superspud, who has done an amazing amount of work.
Lots more detail has been added, including the famous Harland and Wolff cranes, “Samson and Goliath”.

The link in the post above contains more information and screen shots.