Update woes

I’m having trouble updating to the current version as of 28/05/21 on Game Pass. When I start the update, file 1 (whatever it happens to be) downloads successfully but the next file (again, whatever it is) downloads to 100% then restarts endlessly. If I pause the update, close MSFS and start the update again, it continues from the file that was previously looping, succeeds, then gets stuck again on the next one. In effect, I can only update one file at a time without restarting and MSFS isn’t exactly quick off the mark when it comes to starting up.

Has anyone else met this and got round it? It’ll take days to update at this rate.

Hi, I have had the same problem as you and i realized that the download restart when it exceeds 5Mb/s

Hi.Thanks for taking the time to respond. I’ve heard about the download speed problem some people have had but I don’t think my issue is the same. File 1 downloads at about 10MBit per second fine, file 2 downloads at the same speed but at the end the progress bar goes back to the percentage it was showing at the end of file 1 and the text above the bar flickers quickly between downloading and extracting the content of file 2, so it’s more like a decompression problem.

Anyway, I bit the bullet last night and uninstalled completely before starting the reinstall. It seemed to be going fine when I left it although it did stall after about 3 GB downloaded. It was different that time though so maybe that effort just went down to one of the other install bugs.

Wouldn’t it be great if Asobo could write a decent installer? As a Microsoft studio they must have access to some experienced windows update engineers who could help.

Topic moved into #bugs-and-issues:performance for installation problems.

In the end I gave up and did a complete reinstall. That hung once and so did the subsequent install of the UK&I update but at least it’s working again, two days later.