[Update - Workaroud Fix Xbox] Bush trip respawns me in dense forest or in water, unable to continue

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There is a simple way around this. In PC, go to Options, then General Options, and click on “Developers”. Once there turn it “on”. Go to Bush Trip that you are either stuck in the water, or dense forest, and there will be a “Developers” bar at the top of the screen. Go to the mission, and then use the bar and go to “options”. Click “Pause Simulation I” and enable “Disable Crashes”. UN-pause and Get your aircraft to a safe area for a takeoff, and proceed. If your in the water you will need to go full throttle until you reach land (I did this in Iceland Bush Trip and the aircraft goes at 10 knots in the water…but you DON’T CRASH!) Once in a safe area you can then go to “Dev Mode” on the bar and “Exit Dev Mode”. Your all set. It took a while to figure this out. Hopefully it can work for you!


This doesn’t work for XBox unfortunately. Bush trips seem to have damage locked in and no easy to access dev mode. Apparently I crashed into something whilst trying to read the fuel levels which are at the top L & R of the roof area in the X-Cub. I think bush trips are done for me until this issue is fixed. Spawning you in dense forest is a killer. esp if its towards the end of a longish leg. No way I want to start a 90 min leg again. If they’d only enable vertical slew mode on bush trips. This bug is a major immersion killer! :weary:


If you’re on Xbox, and you spawn in the water, there is a (stupid) workaround I discovered. I did this in the Xcub on the Alaska trip - not sure what other aircraft this would work on, and it probably wouldn’t work for the forest.

Once you are spawned, immediately go into Active Pause. This could take a few attempts as there is very little time until you “crash”. Then while paused, give it full throttle and full flaps, and let the airspeed indicator get to 50-60 knots (or whatever is appropriate for what you’re flying). Unpause, and you should float up a few feet. Likely you’ll immediately have a stall to recover from, but it’s better than the alternative.

So it’s kind of fixing one bug with another bug, but it’s better than nothing.

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Useful to know thanks. I’m holding out for the chainsaw/lumberjack mod it would seem. These bush trips are quiet the thing though. Having been stuck in trees in the Patagoinia one, I switched to Alaska. On one leg I flew I got blown over by a cross wind after landing and almost at standstill. Achievement lost. It respawned me again on the ground (what is it with lack of elevation in respawns?), but it was relatively flat tundra like ground with no trees so I was able to get up to speed, take off and land again. It’s ridiculous being respawned so much at 0ft, at the very least they should give us the option of a vertical slew to get past this bug.

(BTW: I do not see active pause in bush trips on Xbox)

But there is a working workaround for the annoying “stuck in forest bug”:
leave the stuck leg, start an arbitrary earlier leg, quit that leg early after take off, then restart the last leg where you stuck and you will be able to either start from the airport or even in the air just in the area of the crash.

You can go under options and assists and find “AI piloting in active pause” and toggle it on, but it didn’t do anything for me, or it didn’t actually enable. No icon appeared at the top bar either.

Happened to me on Germany Bush trip leg 6. I crash landed and I am stuck in a building. I CAN NOT replay this leg and I can’t move the plane when restarting the leg. Is there a fix so I can re-paly leg 6 of the Germany Bush Tip?

Yes, restart leg5 . You don’t need to fly it. Just start leg 5, quit then restart leg6 which should be now reset to the beginning.

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You might need to map active pause. I had to map a ton of things that didn’t have assigned controls out of the box.

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I solved this problem by deleting the Nevada Bush Trip from the activities folder.

I have crashed on the first leg of the grand alpine challenge and now when I land it won’t finish the leg and there is no way to restart the leg from scratch. Is there a workaround on the xbox to restart the first leg from scratch?

I am on Leg 7 of the Patagonia bush trip. I landed at the airport (checked on YouTube that I am in the right place) but the leg doesn’t end. I can take off and land again but nothing triggers then end of the leg.

When I quit and restart the leg (via the menu showing all the different completed legs) it starts where I left off (on the runway with flaps in landing position, fuel as it was when I landed, etc.).

I have restarted leg 6 which works fine then back into leg 7 and it still doesn’t work.

I have restarted MSFS, Xbox, etc. and no difference.

Any suggestions ?

Something tells me something got messed up in the recent world update as this also happened to me for the first time on Denmark Leg 2… landed at the airport and end of Bush Trip refuses to trigger… :man_shrugging:

I’ve experienced the same bug as SteveM25 on the Switzerland bush trip. Hopefully, starting back from previous leg made the trick. But this was last week.

Because since last Friday night it appears my progression in Bush trips is not anymore taken in account. While I’ve already completed some bush trips, I’m now desperately stuck at 0% progression on the Patagonia bush trip. At first I flyed the first three legs before quitting ; and found myself back at the first airfield with 0% progression when I went back. I now know by heart the 2 first legs as I’ve tried numerous times to record any progression (do just one and save, do two legs and save, do one and hit continue then quit,…). This by the way made me realized that even my time spent in bush trips was not counted in my profile while the time spent is free flight still is.
I’ve then tried the Balkans bush trips and it is the same : no progression is ever recorded. As soon as I quit, I’m back at 0% progression.

Hello looks like this is still a bug as it happened to me today after trying bush trip for the first time. Just before I delete the reserved space would this delete my flight log, flight hours, achievements etc.

Thank you

yes, in Alpin-Challenge, same for me after a crash, unable to restart the leg… I crashed at the takeoff (while braking for turn-around), at the restart I’m like this (not at the airport, but in a river… ).

im here because of that too & i cant believe that it hasnt been fixed as of feb 19th 2022! its quite shocking really how shoddy things like that which completely break the content & make it unplayable. im on xbox , i didnt realise that you couldnt start over, i think its bad that there are no poi markers or anything, it should be an option surely for people new to flight sims, its on console so thats a whole new player base of newcomers like me. the training is very vague & theres not much of it really so the bush trips is the only other structured/ objective based content, iive only tried alaska & australia, alaska im stuck miles away from the start in the opposite direction from the 2nd lsnding stop because i thought it would be fine to fly around a bit but well my bad! & australia im stuck in a bush on the ground, it spawns me in an instacrash . starting to think ive had enough of it. dont get me wrong i spent the last 2 days about 16 hours studying ground school from fsx type forums, ive replayed all the lessons too many times to count. this game is for experienced flight simmers only really

Not really. I’m now north of 500hrs since starting FS on XBox in July last year. I used to use FS way back, but 20 years of absence and I’m not a pilot, so count me in the forever learning mode. But “experienced”?, not by a long shot compared to many in here.

The Bush trips bugs is definitely an experience killer. I got stuck on two trips because of it. Workaround: Restart the previous leg and quit, then you can restart the current leg (where you are stuck in trees) from the beginning.

My progress in Bush trips - I persevered with 2 of them Alaska, Patagonia should have been 100% in both, but both for me were stuck on 90%. SU7 update then removed all progress and they now both show up as 0%!
Yet in my achievement summary it shows I’ve completed one Bush trip without mentioning which one.
Needless to say I have long since given up on flying Bush trips. I’m certainly not going to do either of them again just to satisfy some piece of code. So there are some achievements in FS that will always be unachievable for me.

However there is plenty of enjoyment to be found elsewhere in the sim.
My latest fun is taking off in anything from GA prop to airliner, with no flightplan, and picking a random destination and then flying IFR to get there and lining up and landing. A great learning experience.

FS is probably the ultimate create you own experience platform. Possibilities are endless. Persevere but IMO avoid Bush trips to minimise fhe frustrations dealing with their bugged implementation. You just end up fighting those bugs and not enjoying the sim, which is a shame as there is much to enjoy bugs n all.

After several months away from bush trips to get over the annoyance I decided to give it another go. After replaying 3 logs over 2 hours, then completing 3 more legs I got BS internet connection messages and my leg wasn’t recognised as complete.

The whole game then crashed and now while the trip says 78% complete, when I go in, none of them are complete.

Think I’ll stick to some other activity but with constant CTD it might be some other game.