Update X CTD:: Solved

Updated today X ,downloaded ok installed to 99% then CTD. Now when I try to start it loads to about 75% then CTD .I tried in safe mode same thing. I rebooted twice no go, made sure no addons are running. Never had a CTD before,ever
It played fine yesterday and Sunday when the servers went down, no changes in drivers or pc. RTX 3080. Win 10.
Not in DEV mode

So I found the Culprit . Was Open XR I uninstalled it version 1.4 and MSFS back now.strong text

Same issue here. Ran fine before WU10. I checked the Steam install directory, and the install size said 1GB. No disk errors. The thing just disappeared.

can you mark this in bold ? These mean the topic is SOLVED :slight_smile:

I read in meanwhile often that these OpenXR cause trouble.

@OldpondGL of course is the normal application folder is only 1Gig in size. You need to know where you installed your packages.

Thanks, turns out the bulk was under Users. It’s all uninstalled now.